The event you are organizing takes place in the public space

The regulations applicable to a sporting event on the public highway are different depending on whether it takes place in places open to traffic, or in places not open to traffic with the participation of motor vehicles or without the participation of motor vehicles.

But, whatever the event, once it temporarily occupies the space open to the public, it must be declared to the competent authorities. To this end, an application file for temporary occupation of the public space must be compiled.

What does the sporting event declaration file contain?

The letter requesting temporary occupation of the public domain must include certain information relating to the event: its nature and name, the date and times, the place(s) concerned (street, garden , surroundings of a building), and an estimate of the number of people present.

The letter must be signed by the president of the association (or his representative) and three officials of the organization living in the department where the event begins. It is accompanied: the list specifying the name and domicile of the persons mandated to organize the event;

The route if a trip is planned;

Where applicable, the written agreement of the owners of the private land crossed during the event.

The declaration of the event must reach the competent authorities between 3 clear days and 15 clear days before the date of the event.

If you are organizing the event inside Paris, you must also complete a specific form : the “Accompaniment file for a request for temporary occupation of the public domain on the occasion of an associative event in Paris “.

Depending on the type of event, additional procedures can be added to this basic declaration.

To whom should the declaration be sent?

If the event takes place: in one or more municipalities, you send the file to each town hall concerned  ; in a territory where a State police system is instituted, you send the file to the prefect of the department (to the prefect of police in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône);

In Paris, the declaration must be addressed to the prefect of police of Paris , accompanied by the file accompanying a request for temporary occupation of the public domain on the occasion of an associative event in Paris.

You are preparing a demonstration of motorized land vehicles (MTV)

You have, on the one hand, to compile a request for temporary occupation of the public space if the event takes place, in whole or in part, within the public space. You have, on the other hand, to carry out an additional step: a declaration or request for authorization.

Specific rules apply to motorized events and the formalities vary according to the type of event and the number of vehicles assembled.

The event can take place on a road open to public traffic, a circuit, a field or a course

A circuit is a closed and delimited route (curbs, embankments, etc.) which can be traveled several times without being left. It hosts competitions, demonstrations, trials and training. It must be approved. It is up to the owner or manager of the circuit to request homologation (carafe 13389 03), either to the prefecture (speed below 200 km/h) or to the Ministry of the Interior (speed above 200 km/h). However, if the circuit is temporary, if it only exists for the needs of a 해외축구 중계사이트, the prefect’s authorization order is equivalent to approval of the non-permanent circuit for the sole duration of the event.

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