The Importance of Organization with Elderly Care

Organization is important for in home elderly care. When caring for your parents or loved one, you have enough surprises along the way that everything you can control helps. Whether you are the sole caregiver, have other family members to depend upon, or use in-home senior care New Jersey such as Visiting Angels, it is imperative to keep organized so that you can save time, energy, and undue stress.

Sharing the responsibilities of elderly care of your parents or loved one in the home can help the flow of communication stay open. Having lists, schedules, files and an emergency plan will help you to avoid any unnecessary anxiety.

Here are some simple tips on ways to keep the elderly care of your parents or loved one organized:

  • Make Lists
    Staying at home with elderly care, it is important to get all the household, medical, legal, financial, home maintenance, religious and social information together and put in an easily accessible place. Develop a system where all the names, addresses and phone numbers are in one spot for ease and accessibility.
  • Make Copies of all Medical Papers and Bills
    The medical information for elderly care is important. Good record keeping can prevent duplicating tests and medicine refills. It is important to have the name, telephone number, address and specialty of each health care provider that cares for your aging loved one.
  • Keep a Master Schedule
    Develop an elderly care master schedule, to keep track of when medications need to be reordered, appointments are scheduled, when the trash it to go out etc. It sounds silly, but care giving is intermittent, unpredictable and overwhelming at times. It is easy to get distracted and forget something.
  • Create a File System
    Develop a file system for all information of elderly care. Sections for filing will be medical bills, legal papers, resources, financial papers. Paperwork can pile up, so make a file for things that will need to be filed.
  • Keep a Log of Who You Talk to About Your Loved One
    Keep a log of those that you talk with in regards to the elderly care of your aging loved one. A call log with the name of the individual you spoke with, date and time and a brief snippet what the call was about is important in case something is missed or care is delayed.

Additionally, always have a back-up or emergency plan.

Organization is the key to stress free elderly care of a parent or loved one in the home. Start with a system as soon as you can and you will be prepared to have other family members or in-home elderly care providers step right in and lend a hand.

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