Moving out of town, either for work, or for a new change of address? Well, if it’s your first time to move interstate, well let me tell you in advance that moving might make you want to bang your head on the wall, because the weeks or months of planning a move could be stressful and overwhelming, especially along-distance move. And while there are a lot of moving firms who claim that they can ease your pain of moving, the problem is that some of them are just so unreliable. So, to make moving fun and less harrowing, here’s a look at the major qualities of reliable interstate moving companies.

Seasoned and Trustworthy

When searching for interstate moving companies, this is one of the major qualities to evaluate or assess. If the moving company has existed for just a year or two (or even less than a year), then the company might not have the skill and experience to handle a long-distance move.

So, you should look for moving companies who are well-established, with at least 6 to 10 years of experience. And, try to choose a company that has reliably served its community for years, instead of going for startups who have little or no experience at all.

And, by working with an experienced moving company, the entity that you’ll be dealing with will most likely run like a well-oiled machine, which means that you won’t be left with any doubts about moving interstate.


Another major quality to look for when searching for interstate moving companies is flexibility. Remember that some movers can be very rigid and strict, while some require you to book in advance, and if you don’t follow the company’s plan to the letter, they might bail out on you without giving you any chance of rescheduling it.

And when I say flexibility, what I mean is that the moving firm understands that life sometimes does not always play by the rules, nor does it always care about fitting your requirements.

While changing the schedule of a move may sound complex to some companies, a flexible mover sees it as a very simple and easy workaround, one which does not impose any further burden to them.

Detailed and Always Ready to Commit

A professional moving company is always more than ready to commit to its customers, and it is also more than willing to lay out their estimate in a more detailed manner, with no hidden costs.

On the other hand, a run-off-the-mill moving company will give customers vague, low-balled estimates which mysteriously change as soon as the customer signs the contract. If you happen to sign with these types of movers, then your other happy and super-cheap estimate could suddenly blow up with lots of hidden fees and charges.

They Truly Care for Their Customers

The best interstate moving companies in town are those that truly care for you as a person, and not simply as a paying-customer. They will not also treat you like just another paycheck, unlike some moving firms who are only there to make a fast buck.

And of course a professional moving company goes the extra mile to ensure that their customer’s needs are fully met, so that you’ll be more than happy to refer them to your friends, co-workers and family.

They Offer High-Quality Storage Services

Professional and veteran interstate moving companies also provide their clients with high-quality storage services. Some firms offer free storage with their bundles for a limited time, while others offer paid storage for longer periods of time.

For long distance moving, this can be very useful, because you may have waiting periods between moving out and moving it. And, you may need some time to get stuff in a row, which makes storage services a true-blue life-saver of sorts.

They Communicate Well With Clients

In moving companies, as well as with any type of business, good communication is key. Why? Because without good (and transparent) communication, customers might feel overwhelmed, confused or lost with the movers. And, there could also be a possibility of your things arriving on the wrong date, or being unpacked at the wrong location.

The moving firm should always use polite, respectful and appropriate language when working with their customers. So, if you feel like the company’s workers are rude or condescending, then this might be the right time to look for another service provider.

They Provide a Wide Range of Services

The best and brightest moving companies in town are usually the ones that offer a wide range of services to ensure that their customers are getting their needs met. For example, the company could offer different services separately like providing packing supplies, loading your items, delivering it, offering a moving checklist and packing the stuff at your home.

The moving firm could also offer these services in bundles, so that their customers can find the package that suits them, whether it suits their budget of their requirements. So, you should always be aware of all the services that your moving firm provides.


A seasoned and reliable moving firm also takes full responsibility for the safety of their customer’s items. In case there’s any damage, the company will have the insurance coverage to compensate them for the loss.


Because packing your stuff and transferring to another location in another state can be quite exhausting, both physically and mentally, it’s imperative that you choose the right moving company.

And, since there’s going to be a lot of heavy lifting, and a lot accounting to do as well, it pays to work with a reliable moving company. Whether it’s laboratory equipment, expensive wine collections, expensive flat-screen TV sets or computers, a professional mover will always make sure that your belongings are carefully packed, and all safety standards are followed as well. The best moving companies in the region also use the best, and the latest, equipment, and they also use high-quality packing supplies. This guarantees that all of your stuff is delivered and unpacked with uncompromised safety.

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