The Newest Trend in Diamonds: Lab-Grown Diamonds in Highland Park

Lab-Grown Diamonds in Highland Park

Highland Park wholesale lab-grown diamonds have become trending too. Diamonds are loved by many, however, they are too expensive, but as lab-grown diamonds are created. People now have a good alternative for natural diamonds. Since lab-grown diamonds have the same properties and appearance as natural diamonds then they are the perfect option for a cheaper priced diamond. 

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Formed in Highland Park?

Lab-grown diamonds are created by the following process:

High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

In this method, a small diamond seed is placed in carbon using a belt press, split sphere, or cubic press. It is then subjected to a high temperature of over 2,700 Fahrenheit and subjected to high pressure of approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch. With the high temperature and high pressure, carbon is formed around the diamond seed, which will soon turn into a new diamond after the process. 

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

A diamond seed is placed in a chamber and put under a temperature of over 1,400 Fahrenheit filled with carbon gases which are composed usually of methane and hydrogen. Then gasses are then ionized into plasma using some device that is similar to microwave and laser. This process would break down the molecular bond of the gas, then pure carbon sticks to the diamond seed, and eventually a new diamond is formed. 

The cost of lab-grown diamonds vs mined diamonds

The price differences of lab-grown diamonds vs mined diamonds are affected by different factors such as:

The demand for diamonds 

Natural diamonds are able to retain their high price since the demands are high but the source is decreasing which makes their price go up or steady. For lab-grown diamonds, the demand is also high but the source is easily available, and creating lab diamonds only takes 7 to 10 days which makes it possible for them to produce a lot. That’s why lab-grown diamonds are cheaper. 

Method of Creation

Natural diamonds may be formed naturally however being able to get them requires equipment and manpower. Layers of earth need to be dug out to be able to get the diamonds then they are cut and polished by a skilled diamond cutter. The labor cost is added to the overall cost of the diamond. While lab-grown diamonds also have costs but are not as expensive as natural diamonds. That’s why they cost less. The process of creation also impacts the price of diamonds. 

Carat Weight

Whether diamonds are naturally mined or lab-grown they are priced per carat. The carat weight does not always correspond with the size. A bigger diamond can look smaller defending on the carat when it is already cut to the desired shape. And a smaller diamond can look bigger depending on the cut made. Each shape and carat of diamond have a range of prices that are followed.  

Which are better – lab-grown or mined diamonds?

It depends on several things which may involve:

Your Budget

If you have a good budget for your diamond then you can opt for natural diamonds, but if not then lab-grown diamonds can be a good alternative. The amount you can save is big enough to buy a better quality diamond for lab diamonds. 

Your Preference or the Wearer’s preference

If you will be buying a diamond for your engagement for instance then better know the preference of your partner. She might want a natural diamond or if a lab-grown diamond is fine with her then you can make it your choice. The decision will be up to the wearer since they will be the ones keeping the diamond jewelry. 

Since The newest trend in diamonds: Lab-grown diamonds in Highland Park is becoming a trend then lab-grown diamonds will be worn by many. The comparison between a natural diamond and lab-grown diamonds is hard to tell when it comes to appearance and properties since they are the same. Only skilled technicians and jewelers can be the ones to tell and they even have to use tools to tell. This means opting for lab-grown diamonds isn’t a bad choice after all, especially now that they are being recognized by many jewelers due to the conflict issues about a natural diamond. 

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