The Options You Have with Ampere Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

When it comes to electric bikes, there are a lot of different brands you can choose from. All of these brands offer something different. But, if you are new to the e-bike market, you may be unsure what bike you should buy first. 

Well, let us introduce to you Ampere. This is a brand that emerged onto the market in 2020. They offer a variety of styles, trying to combine functionality with affordability. So, let’s take a look at the different styles that Ampere offers when it comes to electric bikes.

Step-Through Electric Bike

First of all, let’s start by taking a look at the step-through electric bikes on offer. This is a style that a lot of people like since it makes it easy to get onto the bike. Indeed, for beginners, as well as those that want to make cycling easy, this step-through design is exactly what you need. The clue is in the name. To mount the bike, all you have to do is step through. The frame is designed so that there are no awkward lifts or turns. This makes it a lot easier to get going. It can also be simpler to dismount when you are waiting at traffic lights.

Another reason why people like a step-through bike is that they have the ability to wear any clothing. To see the collection that Empere offers, make sure that you visit For example, with an ordinary e-bike, it is best to wear non-restrictive clothing. Indeed, cycling gear is best for comfort and being able to move around. But, the same does not go for step-through bikes. This means that you can wear casual clothes or even what you wear to work on your daily commute.

Folding Electric Bike

A lack of storage is one of the reasons why people say no to electric bikes. They simply do not have a safe space where they can store their new addition. But, there is an option for this situation and it is provided by Ampere. We are talking about a folding electric bike. This has a special frame design which means it can be folded away when it is not in use. It will be able to fit into a cupboard or somewhere indoors.

In addition, this style of bike might be preferable for you if you want to bring your bike on public transport. You can carry it on and not have to rely on getting a bike space. What’s more, it can be packed into your car and taken on adventures too. Empere has made sure that their folding bikes are light to carry, as well as offer a comfortable ride.

Electric Mountain Bike

Another option you have when it comes to Empere is an electric mountain bike. As you would imagine, this type of bike is designed for exploring. You can go off-road and explore different terrains. Plus, the motor is going to give you a boost to get up tough hills, as well as take some of the pressure away from long rides.

Empere has taken the time to design a functional electric mountain bike that is going to ensure that you have fun. This includes having a powerful throttle, as well as a light frame. So, you are going to go far and without a lot of hard work. What’s more, there are seven-speed Shimano Acera gear shifters on some models. Plus, there is a display on the handlebars that can show you everything from your speed to the battery you have left.

How Can I Choose the Right Empere Electric Bike for Me?

Empere is a brand that has a range of great electric bikes. But, how can you choose the right one for you? Well, the best thing to do is consider your needs and how you are likely to use an electric bike. For example, if you are looking for a bike that is only around town, you can choose a step-through or folding bike. If you do not have a lot of storage, then the folding design is going to be ideal. Alternatively, if you want to explore and take your bike on adventures, the electric mountain bike will be the model that makes this possible. It is a safe and functional option for going off the road and cycling on different terrain.

Another factor that you might want to consider is the range of the battery. If you plan on cycling for long periods of time and far distances, you will need to choose a strong battery that can get you there.

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