The perfect drinks to pack for your Easter long weekend

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It’s almost the time of year when you get that highly sought-after four day weekend, twice. Yes, it’s Easter! Whether you’re using the time to reconnect with family, or you’re making the most of the public holidays and squeezing in a quick getaway, knowing what drinks to bring for dinner or on your road trip is important! Our guide will help you choose drinks for both scenarios! Here are some wine and seafood pairings and drinks to pack for the long weekend!

Scallops and Chardonnay

The first cab off the rank had to be a white fish and white wine combo! While ‘white with white’ is a well-known choice, it’s important to know what to choose when you buy wine online. These plump and meaty seafood treats are fantastic with a full-bodied Chardonnay like The Gippsland Wine Company Chardonnay provides the perfect contrast between the high alcohol content and the buttery, tender texture of scallops.

Salmon and Pinot Noir

Yes, it’s not just white wine that goes well with seafood, there’s a combination that red wine drinkers will love too! For dinner parties, particularly large family gatherings, it’s always a good idea to cater for both red and white wine drinkers when coming up with food pairings. Because of its meatiness and subtle flavour, salmon also tends to be one of the less daunting or less ‘fishy’ types of seafood. Matching it with a light, drinkable pinot noir makes this combo a win-win!

Bubbles and tempura

People often steer away from fried food when drinking alcohol to avoid feeling too uncomfortable and full. That’s why light beers match up pretty well with battered seafood, and an even better fit for this is bubbles! While a lot of wine can lose some of its impact when matched with fried seafood, Sparkling Wine like Prosecco or Champagne beautifully cut through the heaviness of this dish. This Easter, get popping some bottles of bubbly to wash down deep-fried battered prawns and sweet chili sauce – it’ll be an overload for the senses!

Premix Cocktails

Perfect to shake and pour into glasses before Easter family dinner, or drunk from a can at a picnic along the coast – there’s no wrong decision when it comes to premix drinks. To make sure you’re not caught short on a road trip with drinks you don’t like, choose cocktails with premium ingredients when you’re buying alcohol online. Curatif seems to be one of the leaders in the space right now, producing killer cocktails bursting with flavour. Choose from Amaretto Sours to Mai Tais, to Espresso Martinis and more! Don’t let the small cans deceive you – good things (and strong drinks) do come in small packages!

Red and white wine

A weekend getaway or any occasion isn’t complete without packing some treasured bottles of your favourite wine. Regardless of food pairings, it’s always nice to bring along some wine when attending a dinner, and even better if you bring both red and white wine. If you’re off on adventures for the long weekend, being able to sip on your favourite pour around the campfire is one of life’s great comforts. Bonus points if you decide to do a wine and cheese night during your trip – your drinks will already be prepared!

Seltzer, seltzer, seltzer

Low cal, fruity and refreshing – it’s safe to say seltzers were undoubtedly the drink of choice this summer. Initially, we were seeing regular ‘vodka and coke’ or ‘vodka and lemonade’ drinkers switch to this lighter option, but it looks like beer drinkers are following suit. The handy thing about seltzers on a road trip or camping trip is that you can (if you really need to) drink them at room temperature. If you’ve been to any outdoor event or festival this year and looked around you, a large majority of attendees will have a seltzer in their hands and the bar area will have a tent selling them. With breweries like Moon Dog coming out with their own range, this is a trend sent to stay – and a drink that you definitely need to pack for the long weekend!

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