The Pros of Having a DirecTV Installed At Your Home

The beauty about satellite TV is that you can get it pretty much anywhere. You can get it in rural areas, in the mountains, even in the middle of nowhere. Satellite TV has been here since a long time but people usually had to put up with blurry channels, connection issues, largely when weather conditions worsened. We’ve seen many commercials over the past decade about many satellite TV Company providing their services in USA. In order to get the best DirecTV services at home, feel free to contact RMS Installs, Kennesaw GA. When it comes to excellent services, DirecTV is the one to look out for.

DirecTV is one of the nation’s top brands TV service provider. Long gone are the days when you would have to put up with the standard cable TV in which the range of channels and content you could watch was pretty much limited. Believe me or not, sometimes it can get boring watching the same channels over and over again.

We’re now going to discuss the pricing, packaging and the strengths of getting a DirecTV.

DirecTV costs much lower than the average cable TV you usually pay for. Cable TV brands like Xfinity cost much higher than DirecTV when it comes purely to TV services. The DirecTV’s advertised pricing is transparent than that of other service providers.

With DirecTV what you see will generally be closer to what you ultimately pay for, DirecTV’s sticker price includes

  1. DVR
  2. Broadcast fee
  3. HD Access Fees
  4. Installation

The DirecTV gives you a DVR storage of 1TB, which is 300 hours of HD recorded videos, that’s a ton of space to store your movies, music and TV shows.

With DirecTV, You won’t have to deal with broadcast television fee or HD access fees, as separate line items either, they’re included in the package. There is one exception in this and that is a $7.49 regional sports fee which you will see with every service provider out there. Along with that, would be a one-time activation fee of $19.95. All of the fees mentioned here would be applicable to any other TV service provider out there and they could have a major effect on your monthly household bill. With all of the commercialization of satellite TV, DirecTV is without a doubt a cheaper alternative.

DirecTV has the best all-inclusive plan with its premier package. You can get a top-notch all-inclusive package having the best content at an affordable price. For further information regarding DirecTV services, you can also contact RMS Installs

The DirecTV bundle includes

  1. 330+ channels
  2. Premium Channels
  3. Genie DVR
  4. NFL Sunday Ticket Max

You get a bunch of premium channels including a genie DVR plus NFL Sunday Ticket Max for the 2019 season. Coming to the point, that if you are a sports fanatic then DirecTV gives you the access to NFL Sunday Ticket. It also gives you an additional NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings and if you upgrade it, you can get the full ESPN spread

The DirecTV offers a plethora of HD channels, and if you are an avid fan of watching high definition movies or channels, DirecTV is the way to go to.

If you want DirecTV up and running in your home, feel free to contact RMS Installs, a solutions company based in Georgia providing the best services you could ask for. The bottom line is that if you want sheer entertainment and standalone TV services, go for the DirecTV, their pricing is not only lower but also transparent. The DirecTV gives you a 2-year contact in which you would be able to view a wide variety of entertainment, sports, news, cartoons, and documentary channels, meaning 24/7 of pure entertainment.

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