The role of sport and physical education in achieving the Sustainable Development

Sport and physical education must be considered as key instruments in the service of the Sustainable Development Goals. Physical activities have largely demonstrated their potential to lower barriers between generations, genders, religions, castes, origins and nationalities. They are, by their universal scope, useful tools for the achievement of many sustainable development goals.

The greatest impact of physical activities and nba중계 will be on health and well-being (third objective). Their beneficial effects are numerous: improved quality of life, reduced risk of obesity or chronic diseases, etc. Also, sport can mobilize all ages; to have a lasting influence, it must therefore be promoted as an activity that accompanies individuals throughout their lives. Physical education must, as such, be popularized among young people, the best way being to include it in primary and secondary education, which corresponds well to the principle of quality education advocated in the development objectives sustainable.

This idea – integrating physical education as an important part of the school curriculum – was highlighted in UNESCO’s international charter on sport and physical activity. This text underlines, in fact, that sport allows children to acquire values ​​such as respect, friendship, team spirit, fair play, self-discipline and social inclusion in a lasting way. Sport and physical education have also become powerful levers for promoting economic equality and gender equality. In particular, they make it possible to strengthen the autonomy of women and young girls, by giving them access to sports activities, by increasing their self-confidence, by helping them to make decisions and to access resources.

In addition, sport and physical education are increasingly used to promote peace,

Solidarity and social cohesion, especially among young people affected by conflict. They therefore have a vital role to play in certain Sustainable Development Goals, such as gender equality and the promotion of peace and justice. The United Nations has already recognized the role of catalyst for development that sport can play on the occasion of the launch of the Millennium Development Goals (in 2000). I believe he is much more than a catalyst. It seems urgent, for the various players in sport and development, to bring physical education to the forefront of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while working together to implement them and encouraging lasting partnerships.

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