The Ultimate Guide To Buying Cpap Masks

It is vital to continuous negative airway pressure therapy (CPAP). You have many choices of mask shapes and sizes. Finding the best mask for you can be daunting. Finding the right mask to suit your needs and comfort is all it takes. This article will provide you with some basic tips and suggestions to help you select the best mask for your needs.

There are three major types of CPAP mask types

Nasal Pillow

Because of their small size, nasal pillows are a favorite choice for CPAP patients. Nasal pillows are among the smallest CPAP Masks. They rest on the upper lip of the user as the mask blows pressurized, pressurized air through two soft nostril tubes. The nasal tubes are secured by straps around the head.

Benefits From Nasal Pillows

Patients with claustrophobia or who simply don’t like the feeling of too much material on their faces will find it ideal to have a minimal, lightweight design.

  • It’s ideal for people who watch TV or read before bedtime.
  • Allows users to wear their glasses, as there’s no material covering up the bridge.
  • Direct airflow into the nasal passages helps reduce air leakage.

Drawbacks Of Nasal Pillows

  • Patients with higher pressure needs are often not well-suited as the airflow is direct and can cause discomfort at higher pressure settings.
  • Some users complain that direct pressure causes nasal dryness to increase, or in some cases even causes bleeds.
  • For mouth-breathers, this is not the right choice. It may feel strange or uncomfortable to breathe through your nose if you aren’t used. However, if your nose is not used to breathing through the nose, you can try a chin strap with it.

Nasal Mask

Nasal masks can be triangular and fit over your nose. The wide variety of sizes and fit options make them very popular with CPAP sufferers.

Uses Of Nasal Masks

  • Because the pressure delivered to the nasal pillows isn’t as direct, natural airflow is better than nasal pillows.
  • For higher-pressure settings, nasal masks work better than nasal pillows.
  • Many styles are available to fit a wide range of facial structures and features.

Drawbacks For Nasal Masks

  • Like nasal pillows, nasal masks are not recommended for mouth-breathers.
  • Some CPAP wearers have complained about irritation caused by the pressure of the mask against the bridge of their nose or by some models’ forehead supports.
  • Patients with sinus congestion or allergies are unlikely to find relief.

Full Face Mask

CPAP masks for full faces cover the mouth, nose, and most of the face. There are side straps that hold the mask in place. Hybrid masks may cover the mouth but have nasal prongs which fit into the nostrils just like a nasal pillow.

Benefits From CPAP Face Masks

  • Face masks can be used for mouth-breathers or those who have not been able to use the nasal mask/chinstrap combination.
  • It is ideal for patients suffering from frequent nasal congestion, allergy symptoms, or chronic sinusitis.
  • Because of its large surface area, it is easier to use for very high CPAP pressure settings.

The Drawbacks Of CPAP Facial Masks:

  • The greater surface area means that there is more chance for air leakage.
  • Some people complain about air leakage from the top of masks, which can cause dry and irritated eyes.
  • The use of full face masks makes it difficult for you to read, watch TV, or wear glasses.

Things To Consider When Choosing A CPAP Face Mask

  • Comfort and size are important considerations in selecting a CPAP mask. If the mask does not fit or isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to use CPAP therapy. It is important to discuss the best mask for your needs with your DME tech. You can also change your mind later on and request a new mask.
  • You should choose a mask type that will not leak if your facial hair is uneven. A mask should allow you the best possible field of vision so that you do not disrupt your nightly routine.
  • There are many kinds of cushion materials (gel, silicon, foam, cloth, etc.) so you need to choose which one is the most comfortable. Look to see if your mask has replaceable cushion components or you can also try out the nomask cpap method in your therapy to get the best experience.

Although it may seem daunting to find the right mask for you, CPAP therapy can provide life-changing results.

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