Things You May Not Have Known About NDIS Meals!

Are you willing to use the National Disability Insurance Scheme funding to benefit yourself with healthy and tasty meals? In this abstract, let’s learn how the scheme funds the meals, how the NDIS meal providers prepare and deliver the food and finally, what all is included in the NDIS meals.

What Are NDIS Meals?

The meal plan delivery project helps the people who are unable to cook a meal or shop for the ingredients due to their disability. One can take the help of the NDIS funding to pay for the meals that are especially prepared and delivered to you at your doorstep. First, however, the NDIS funding volunteers check for your situation to decide whether it is reasonable to provide you with the NDIS meal plan delivery funding.

What Costs Are Covered With NDIS Funding?

The NDIS funding program covers the overall cost of preparing and delivering the meals. It doesn’t involve the cost of the ingredients for preparing the food as it is normally classified as an “everyday expense”.

The cost varies depending on the providers, although it generally works out in a way where about 70% of the meal’s price is paid with the funds and the rest 30% from your own pocket.

How To Pay For NDIS Meals Preparation And Delivery With The Funding Program?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme funding has stated the rules about who and how to claim the monetary support from this program. The NDIS program provides you with enough money to pay NDIS meal providers for the decided number of meals. With this payment approach, you must get a quote from the NDIS meal providers. You can’t just go and order food as you go.

How To Get A Meal Plan And Delivery?

Before you head to the meal planning meeting, you must know a couple of things that you must have with you. The following list of things will help you to include preparation and meal delivery into your NDIS meal plan.

  • The Quote

You must have a quote from the meal providers. It must be detailed and have the number of meals you will receive from them throughout the plan. It must also include the total pricing.

  • A Supporting Evidence For Your Aliment

You must have an evidence document suggesting that the NDIS meals plan is reasonable and necessary for you. For instance, you can have a document from an occupational therapist suggesting why you cannot prepare your meals.

The Biggest Menu List:

As you know, all your meals will come from a single meal provider. Thus, it is highly recommended that you find an NDIS meal provider with the biggest menu. In addition, it is best to opt for a provider who offers plenty of food options and keeps on updating the list throughout the course of the plan. In simple words, this way, you will get extra food options to keep things all fun and refreshing!

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