Things you should consider when buying makeup

Salivating at the thought of makeup is only natural. It is marketed to us as something magical, transformative, and of course, must have. Therefore, if we fall trap to the marketing of makeup, we only take the leverage of being a human.

However, when satiating our need to own and possess makeup items, we might not be making the correct choices if we are unaware of the fundamentals of the makeup principles. Seriously, even though you take makeup lightly, there are certain factors and elements that must be considered before you proceed to checkout.

If you don’t follow these principles, it may be that your makeup does not look flattering. It may also contain ingredients that don’t suit your skin, causing problems that then merit the intervention of Skin Specialists.

Hence, it is important that you pay heed to certain factors when buying makeup.

Things to consider when buying foundation

Foundation serves the purpose of improving the appearance of our skin, by forming a possibly natural layer on top of the makeup. It also helps in hiding spots or blemishes. Some people might also use it to change and enhance their complexion. Important factors to consider when you buy foundation include:

Match per your skin

If you wear complexion that is too light or too dark for you, it will look off. It will not look natural and thus will not be flattering. Hence, it is important that you match the shade carefully.

Some people apply the foundation to their hands to check, or simply eyeball it. Both are misleading. You should always patch test. If you have a reliably matched shade, you can search on the internet for the closest possible in another brand.

Also, if you are not able to find your perfect match, get one that is darked and one that is lighter i.e., two colors that are in the immediate vicinity of your complexion. Mix the two shades in required ratio to make your desired shade.

Know your undertones

Matching the shade is not the only thing that you should be considering, but also pay heed to the undertones. You are either a cool-toned person, or a warm toned. Some people may also lie in the neutral category.

One way to check is by looking at the color of your veins –the ones near the wrist are clearer. Blue means cool toned, and green means warm toned.

Undertones are not just important for foundation, but makeup in general as well. Lipsticks especially can be contingent on the undertones. While you might not be doing some cardinal skin if you don’t wear makeup according to your undertones, but it certainly won’t look as flattering.

Finish of the base

It is also important to note the finish of the foundation. A matte coverage would be more suitable for formal occasions, or skins that need more work. Dewy finish tends to look more natural. And for every day, a tint should suffice. So, consider these factors.

Things to consider when choosing eye makeup

Eye makeup is simpler to choose because it does not involve much matching. However, it is important that you choose a palette that has shades that you think you can make most use of. Also, it is important that you get a good quality mascara, and throw it away after 6 months, as that’s the average shelf life.

Things to consider when choosing lipsticks

Apart from the undertones, the most important factor to consider when looking for lipsticks is the formula. Some like those with satin and glossy finish are more suited for temporary wear, as they don’t offer longevity.

Matte lipsticks are better if you want long wear. However, they can be a little drying. Also, try to get balms etc. with SPF, since our lips can also sustain damage due to sun exposure, leading to problems like hyperpigmentation and cracking that might require help from a Dermatologist in Lahore.  

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