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Most people don’t get enough nutrients from the diet alone. Currently, half of the health-conscious people take synthetic nutrients instead of the best natural energy supplements. There is much more debate about whether synthetic nutrients offer the same benefits as natural supplements. Natural supplements are obtained from whole food sources in your diet. Some sources suggest that synthetic nutrients are dangerous. They are referred to as isolated nutrients as they are usually made artificially through industrial processes. This post takes an objective look at natural and synthetic energy supplements:

Natural VS Synthetic Vitamins:

Supplements help to fill the gap where your diet is lacking. Choosing between synthetic and natural energy supplements gets confusing. Like what type of vitamins does your body needs and what is the difference between synthetic vitamins and foods. There are some ideas that come to your mind when you think about what you need to do to be healthy. Maybe you try to go on the run, meditate, make a nutritious meal and take a yoga class to minimize stress. Even if you do these things, you can still have underlying health issues and low energy: 

Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Supplements:

Synthetic vitamins are derived from chemicals to mimic that your body absorbs nutrients from food in a natural way. Food vitamins concentrate and condense the vegetables and fruits to make natural vitamins for your body. 
Synthetic vitamins are difficult to absorb for your body and can cause health issues. Entire food vitamins are recognizable and bioavailable to your body.

How Synthetic Vitamins Vs. Natural Vitamins Affect Your Body

1. Excretion through the body

Our body excretes natural energy supplements whereas synthetic energy supplements are stored in the liver as substances that can be toxic to your body. Your body utilizes only what your body needs from organic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins contain high concentrations of chemicals that mimic natural vitamins. Excess vitamins are discarded and processed, but that’s not the case with synthetic supplements. 

2. Trace Minerals Availability

Natural vitamins come with different minerals, protein, enzymes and other nutrients to help your body to digest and utilize them. Synthetic vitamins come in isolated forms of those they are mimicking. Unlike energy boost supplements that are derived from food that contains nutrients and trace minerals, clinically-made synthetic supplements serve just a single purpose. Depending on an isolated supplement such as folic acid, magnesium and iron may result in some serious nutrient deficiency problems.

3. Toxicity Risk

Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K, need fatty acids to absorb in your body. When you consume nutrients from natural food sources, the body gets adequate metabolism efficiency. Synthetic vitamins are made with highly concentrated isolated. They contain no fatty lipids for adequate processing and are stored in the liver in your body. These excess vitamins build up in the liver and become toxic for your body. 

Final Words:

You may know now how well natural energy supplements are absorbed in your body as compared to synthetic supplements. Your body will optimally utilize nutrients when taken in the form of whole food form with a wide variety of food compounds and vitamins.

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