This Is It: Your Complete Tanzania Safari Packing List  

Tanzania’s desert and tropical landscapes are perfect. Tourists enjoy its beaches, culture, cuisine, and safaris worldwide. 

According to CTN News Before going on safari in Africa, many people ask what to wear. With such a wide range of animals, climates, and ecosystems, it’s crucial to dress appropriately! 

The safari outfit you wear in Tanzania depends on the time of year, the climate, the safari activity, and the time of day. 

Are you packing for the Tanzania safari? 

Packing for a safari requires planning. Pack light for a Tanzania safari, but bring versatile clothes worn day or night. 

Are you packing for a Tanzania safari? 

Safari trips require certain clothing items: 

Loose pants 

Safari adventures require comfortable, loose-fitting pants. The best are lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, or nylon. If you get dirty on safari, ensure they fold up small and can be washed. 

Comfortable t-shirt 

Safari-goers usually wear t-shirts, blouses, or button-downs. Many people wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath for extra sun and insect protection. Layer! 

Lightweight gloves (optional) 

Gloves can help you hold binoculars or a camera when it’s cold. Gloves protect against mosquito bites, which is important. 


Sunscreen is on any good Tanzania safari packing list! Pack a hat or headband to protect yourself from the desert’s UV rays and flying sand. 

Breathable jacket. 

Bring a thin jacket or windbreaker for winter visits. This will help you stay cool while defending against Tanzania’s unpredictable weather! 

On safari, what shoes should you wear? 

When packing for a Tanzania safari, don’t forget your shoes! This depends on your activities and the season. For safari activities, sneakers or hiking boots are good, but flip-flops or sandals are best for game drives in the vehicle. 

Boots or walking shoes (that are broken in) 

Hiking requires safe and comfortable footwear. It would be awful to injure yourself midway through the trip due to uncomfortable shoes! Ensure you have comfortable but sturdy walking shoes for your animal sighting adventure. 

Tanzania safari: what else? 


While on safari in Tanzania, insect repellent is your best defense against mosquitoes. Deet-based insect repellents work best. This repellent works best! 

In Tanzania, insect repellent can cost up to 3x more than at home! Take a can of bug spray with you and relax. 


Sunscreen and sunglasses protect your skin and eyes from the African sun. Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s rays can burn your skin, so protect it. 


Tanzania safaris require a day pack or small, practical backpack. You’ll need a place to keep money, water bottles, and travel essentials. Your camera fits perfectly in a backpack! 


A flashlight or headlamp can be useful if you’re exploring at night. If you’re going to see nocturnal animals like lions and hyenas with your guide, this is especially true. Before leaving, pack one of these fun accessories! 

Bottled water 

Naturally, a desert safari in Tanzania is hot. Stay hydrated all day with a metal reusable water bottle. You’ll also reduce your environmental impact by not buying disposable plastic water bottles in Tanzania! 

Camera with plenty of film/memory! 

Safari trips are mostly about taking pictures, so don’t forget your camera and memory cards! 

On a safari, a lightweight, durable, waterproof action camera like a GoPro can get close-up shots of animals you can’t get close to. 

A DSLR camera with a zoom lens is ideal for experienced photographers to capture nature’s beauty from afar. 

Travelers and vloggers can choose a lighter camera, like a digital or disposable film camera. If you don’t have a camera, your smartphone can take great photos! 

Now you know what to wear on safari in Tanzania! 

Take only what you need! With a few essentials, you can enjoy a smooth safari. By following these guidelines, you’ll feel safe and comfortable on your trip and can focus on the animals! 

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