Tips For Dealing With A Bad Day

If you’re having a bad day, then be sure to check out these tips so you can feel better. 

Get your mind off your bad mood:

You should make some exciting plans with your family or friends. When you take time to relax and hang out with the people you love, this can help to distract you. 

Get it out:

Cry or yell if you need to. It is okay to express yourself however you need to. 


Breathe in deeply a couple of times and pay more attention to your breathing. This will help you to relax and concentrate. 

Take time for you:

Consider the things that you enjoy. This means taking time to do things just for yourself such as watching your favorite shows or listening to music you love. 


If you’re having a crappy day, you can improve someone else’s day to improve your own mood. This can be as simple as doing something nice for a stranger or friend or even volunteering locally. 

Do art:

If you’re connected to your creative side, you should draw, paint or even write about your emotions. 


In many cases, simply talking about your negative feelings can help. You can talk to a close friend, teacher, family member, caregiver etc. There are many counsellors that can help you at Clarity.

Work out:

By working out, dancing or even going for a walk, this can help improve your mood and you’ll feel a lot better.

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