Tips for Finding a Baby-Friendly Cake Singapore

Baby-Friendly Cake

Planning a baby shower? Whether you’re an expectant mom-to-be or a friend of the family tasked with organizing the celebration, it can be hard to find a cake that is both delicious and appropriate for all the guests. It can be not easy to select a cake that will please not only you but also your family and friends. There are many options when it comes to baby shower cakes. You can find a cake that is appropriate for all of your guests but still delicious. Here are our top 7 tips on finding a Baby-Friendly Cake.

Consider the design

The first thing you’ll want to think about when picking out a baby friendly cake in Singapore is the design. Baby shower cakes usually come in pink or blue, but there are also cakes with gender-neutral designs. If you’re looking for a cake that isn’t a stereotypically ‘girlie’ color, then this might be the perfect choice for you.

What about allergies?

If you’re hosting a baby shower with a diverse guest list, one of the primary concerns is making sure everyone’s dietary restrictions are met. If the majority of guests have allergies or food intolerances, it may be best to go with a gluten-free cake. However, if the majority of your guests don’t have restrictions, you can bake a regular cake and use either gluten-free frosting or allergen-free cream cheese as icing.

How to choose colors?

If you want to make the cake pink, simply use light pink icing for the baby shower. A baby blue icing can be used for a baby boy’s shower, and chocolate icing will work well for either gender. You can also use different decorations on each tier of the baby-friendly cake Singapore if one is more appropriate than the other.

Baby-Friendly Cake Singapore

How to choose flavors?

It’s important to remember that the cake will be cut and served to everyone, so it’s important to select flavors that you and your guests will enjoy. You want the cake to be both delicious and appropriate for all the guests.

What about the cake stand?

If you are looking for a cake stand, you may want to consider one that is made of durable materials like polystyrene or plastic. These stands are lightweight and will not topple over easily. You can also opt for a self-standing cake stand that is constructed of aluminum, stoneware, or metal.

What about the cake size?

If you’re focusing on a baby shower, a cake that is a little smaller than the average size is a good idea. This way, guests will be able to sample more cake without feeling too full.


With these tips in mind, your search for a baby-friendly cake will be a much easier endeavor. You can find a cake designer who specializes in babycakes, or you can find one who is willing to work with you to create a cake that is safe for your baby. Start your search by looking for bakery companies that have been in the business for a long time and have a good reputation. They know what they’re doing and will be happy to help.

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