Tips for Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

The industry of healthcare continues to be a large source of jobs in the United States. It is currently ranked 18 out of 30 for the fastest growing occupations through 2028, which means that you will have a lot of competition to work against. You will need to up your game to bring in some of the best recruits out there. 

Although some strategies are universal and can be used in the broader field of recruiting, the best methods you can use will be specific to the industry. Some of the steps that you can use to recruit healthcare professionals to your business include:

Invest in Social Recruiting

When it is time to recruit the top talent to your medical facility, channels of social media should be high on the list of methods you will use. Social recruiting is growing and there are many professionals who are looking for their next career. If you can meet them there, you will be successful. 

Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all opportunities to reach passive candidates who are not seeking out opportunities in some of the traditional locations, like the career pages and job boards. 

These channels of social media are also going to offer you some in-depth targeting so that you can promote your job postings to the right audience. This option is going to help you to focus your recruitment efforts so that you can identify more professionals who will be interested in the posting. 

While you can promote a job posting on social media, this is also a good place for you to highlight your workplace culture and organizational values to potential candidates. Many candidates want to know what it is like to work for you, and social media provides a great opportunity to do this. 

Work on the Employer Branding

Employer branding is a very important way for you to recruit the talent that you want. Your employer branding is simply the reputation that your business has with job seekers. If it is low, then it will be almost impossible for you to bring in the hires that you would like. 

Your employer brand is going to influence not only the ability you have to reach the right candidates, but it can also influence the types of candidates who will apply for any open positions that you have. 

The good news here is that there are a lot of ways that you can go about improving the employer brand. But the main thing to consider is to work on the true culture of the company. Before you promote the value to job seekers of working with you, you need to make sure that your current team members have a positive experience working for you too

Before you do any job posts, take a look at your current employer brand and see if there are ways that you can improve it. This will make you more desirable to candidates and can help you attract the right talent. 

Make the Recruiting Process Mobile-First

According to a Glassdoor study, 58% of job seekers are going to do job searches and other activities for applying for a job on their mobile devices. If a company does not provide them with a mobile-friendly application process, they are likely to give up and pick a different employer. 

When preparing a job posting, make it work well on mobile devices. This includes a streamlined form, clear navigation, and an integration with resume sites like Google Drive and LinkedIn to help with auto-fill on the forms and documents that are sent to you. No one wants to send an application and a resume and then fill out the exact same information on their phone again. 

The easier that you can make this whole process, especially on a mobile device, the more candidates you will be able to bring in the door. 

Make the Assessment and Hiring Process Flexible

Do not put up a lot of red tape to the hiring process. Make it as simple as possible to attract applicants. While a few steps are necessary to weed out some of the competition and keep the applicant pool to a reasonable number, like mentioning maximum and minimum age limit, should have master’s degree in nursing, should have prior job experience in healthcare etc. If you make the process too difficult, many qualified candidates will just walk away and look for other opportunities. 

To start, any of the preliminary assessments of skills or knowledge that are necessary should be done with online tools rather than relying on in-person ones. This can save time for your hiring team and job seekers. 

You can even simplify the interview process. Make it adaptable to help accommodate a busy and diverse pool of candidates. For example, having the option for after-hour appointments so that the healthcare professional is able to do the interview without disruption to their current work schedules. Video interviews can be helpful for long distance applicants. 

Keep a Candidate Pipeline

It is a good idea for you to create and nurture a candidate pipeline. When you are filling a position, you may find some outstanding applicants who were not right for the current opening, but they may be ideal for a role that comes up in the future. 

Instead of letting them walk out the door, you can create a candidate pipeline that will keep them around. Keeping the candidates engaged with your company through social content and useful emails can keep that line of communication open and may help if you do need to hire someone else in the future. 

Beyond your previous applicants, you can build this pipeline by developing relationships with students while they are still in school or by incentivizing current employees to bring on qualified candidates from the people they know too. Be creative to help create this pipeline and get the best results. 

Recruiting the Right Professionals to Your Business

Finding the right professionals to work with you in the healthcare industry can be important for helping your business be successful. Take a look at some of the tips above to make this a little easier. 

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