Tips For Selling A Home As-Is

A homeowner selling a house as-is does not intend to prepare it for sale. Usually, they will not make any repairs for anything found during a home inspection. A homeowner might decide to sell their home as-is if they have inherited property or lack the funds to do so. Or, perhaps the homeowner is happy to let the buyer take care of updating it. It doesn’t matter what reason, selling a house as-is is possible.

Here are some tips to help you sell your as-is house so that you don’t run into any problems.

Proper price while selling as is

The price you set for a home can be a strong indicator as to whether it will sell. An overpriced home will make it difficult for buyers to view. Many will refuse to even consider making an offer, fearing they will waste their time. Even more important is for the seller of a home to ensure that the property is correctly priced to reflect all the work required. Many home buyers want to move into ready properties and are willing to pay the price. These home buyers might also consider homes that are not move-in ready if they are priced appropriately.

Rehab mortgages can be used to purchase the as-is property. They cover both the purchase and the renovations. If the home is too expensive, it will need to be inspected and appraised. The home appraiser will assess the functionality and condition of the home to determine its value. A rehab lender will review the appraisal report to ensure that the loan terms are met. Lenders will not approve a mortgage to buy a home if the appraised value of the property is lower than the purchase price.

The price of a home should be determined based on the selling prices of similar homes nearby. Next, consider the cost and expenses associated with updating and repairing the house. The listing price should reflect the cost of a home that requires a new furnace, new roof, or plumbing work. The price must be determined if the homeowner intends to sell to a cash-only investor, who will demand a steep discount. If the appraiser comes up with a lower price than the purchase price, the homeowner should consider lowering the price to make it happen.


Many people don’t have the financial means to hire professional help to make a house look its best for potential home buyers. However, homeowners should not be discouraged from trying to do certain things themselves if they have the time. Cleansing up the house, cleaning out odors and lubricating squeaky door hinges can all add value. The furnace may be the biggest problem in a house, but that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. A clean, presentable home will attract more buyers who know that they only have to deal with the property’s details and that it is priced accordingly.

Disclose all things

Some homeowners might choose to write the disclosure form as-is and leave out any details. This may work well for an investor who purchased a home but has not lived there and who is trying to sell it. However, it won’t work for a homeowner who has lived there for a while. When it comes to purchasing a home, home buyers don’t want any surprises. Surprises associated with such a big financial purchase can be frightening. The most common reaction to being shocked by the condition of a house is for the buyer to walk away.

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