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Instagram is one of the most important social networks in the virtual world, and securing your business on the network is no longer just an advantage, it’s a necessity.

The reason is the opportunity to reach more people with the direct approach provided by social media. After all, this application, which you can easily reach a large part of its target audience, is accessed by more than 500 million people daily.

However, achieving success through the platform is not that easy. You’ll have to dig deeper than just create a profile and some posts, to know how to gain followers on Instagram you need to understand how the network works.

If you want to learn how to optimize your social media strategies to gain more followers and manage a successful profile, check out the tips below. You can also buy Instagram followers from various trusted platforms like Plenty Social.

1. Get to know Instagram well

The first step to gaining followers on Instagram is to understand how the social network works, what features can be discovered, and what its dynamic is with users. You can also make it easy by purchasing real active Instagram followers which will add visibility and credibility to your Instagram account.

Understand the features available and look for references on how to use them. Use the app and learn how interactions work organically and try to learn as much about the network as you can.

It is also very important to stay up to date with the latest developments and updates on the platform, otherwise, you will fall behind in the race for results.

Being a part of discussion groups (forums) focused on social networks, following professionals with experience in Instagram and taking specialist courses in this field will allow you to see new ways to use the network, as well as get new strategies to apply to your profile.

2. Manage and monitor your profile

Tracking and responding to interactions is a very powerful way to connect with your followers and create a healthy environment for your posts.

Be alert when someone shares your content or mentions your profile via @, or quickly respond to comments on your posts or stories.

In this way, your profile will be accessible while interacting with your followers, and you will reach more people through these interactions and create a positive image towards your fans.

3. Build a personality

Creating a personality is one of the most effective ways to create personalized content, after all, this concept is used to define who your ideal customer is.

Evaluate and list the characteristics this client should have: age, gender, location, hobbies, occupation, desires, among other characteristics.

From developing this personality, it will be possible to determine who you want to reach with your posts, what type of content is most appealing to your customers, what themes are common among this audience, and which less-discovered themes could become content.

Using this feature will provide more personalized strategies for your audience while targeting your work to one person. In other words, this is an audience-focused way of thinking that you want to reach by making each post more personal, increasing your chances of gaining new followers.

4. Post quality content

The quality of the content posted on your Instagram profile is directly linked to the engagement rate of your followers.

Posts that do not add value will not be considered. That’s why you need to create compelling videos and images for your audience along with bringing in bulk content.

It will be easier to create interesting posts after you create your personality. As a result, it will be possible to understand what you want and what kind of content appeals to your personality.

Don’t try to fill your posts and stories with commercial posts that only promote a product or service. Provide ways your brand offers to help network users solve their problems more easily.

In this way, it will be possible for you to gain followers on Instagram by delivering interesting content to your target audience because your content will not only be for sales purposes but also to create value for the people who follow your profile. You can also increase your audience via another platform.  Post your content on Facebook regularly and get many Facebook likes or expand your business,

5. Post regularly

There’s only one reason Instagram users are on the platform: to consume content. So, as we mentioned earlier, creating quality content is one of the main tricks to gain followers on Instagram.

Other factors that are linked to your posts, but also very important, are consistency and regularity. Making an interesting post can bring some followers, making a few interesting posts can bring a lot more followers.

So, of course, try to maintain a frequency about the number of your posts without losing consistency. Consider making daily posts and stories to show visitors that your profile is active.

6. Use stories

Did you know that one-third of the most-viewed stories on the platform are business profiles? Despite their lifetime of only 24 hours, their added value is high.

So use the source and constantly tell different stories. The functionality is instantaneous and allows you to bring your profile closer to followers by showing you behind the scenes of your daily life and work.

Produce videos, photos, use filters, hashtags, do polls, ask questions, leverage the popularity of this resource to engage and make your profile attractive.

7. Create videos

Video is a more dynamic content format and is preferred by a significant portion of platform users.

Videos drive even more engagement, providing more exciting opportunities to tackle valuable content that targets your personality. An additional tip is to always add captions to your videos as a way to ensure accessibility and make sure everyone understands what you want to show.

8. Use hashtags strategically

The hashtag (#) is a symbol used on social media to identify keywords related to a post.

Using them is essential for your content to reach users interested in that keyword.

Some trends are also revealed through hashtags, using them is a way to gain visibility for your profile.

This feature is trackable, meaning it is possible to check what competitors are posting, what are the current trends, and even create your hashtag, encourage its use and check results related to your profile.

Finally, avoid very general hashtags like #instagram, #insta or #follow because they may not be directly relevant to your business and may reach a large number of users who are not interested in your content.

9. Start following your audience profiles

Following profiles that are part of your target audience is one of the most effective ways to gain a large number of Instagram followers.

Here’s how the process works: Search and choose one of the best hashtags with content related to your business, open one of the posts at the top of that hashtag, see if the post has the relevant number of Instagram likes, check who liked the post and start following them.

The idea is simple, people who like a post about your business can like the content your profile offers when they meet you and start following you.

This method is very effective, but it has some limitations. Instagram has a system that prevents users from spamming other users of the platform, which means you can’t abuse this idea and only follow a limited number of people per day.

One advice is to follow up to 50 users per hour, otherwise, Instagram may turn off your “follow” button for a while.


We hope our content includes relevant tips that can now be applied to help you gain more followers on Instagram.

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