When shopping for curtains, drapes, blinds, and accessories- everything you come across in the market is excessive. If you prefer to buy high-quality window shades or curtains, good quality yet affordable curtains, then you have got our back;

Look into our top budget tips for a window treatment that won’t leave you empty-handed.



1. Buy Simple and Low-priced Accessories

While shopping for window treatments, it is not only the curtains that can be very expensive but the attachments and equipment can be costly too. Rather than buying a crafty and fancy curtain rod, a low-cost piece of wood or stick can also act as a curtain holder, and you can paint it in a similar or coordinating color to the curtains. Curtain wires can also save your budget in a trouble-free way. 

Price comparisons while looking for curtains are essential; one must compare the price of the accessories to pick the best for the necessity and the budget. 

2.    Make Your Own Window Treatments

On the other hand, contemplate making your curtains, blinds, or shades. If you relish fabricating DIY tasks, then why not try creating the window treatments on your own by using your ideal fabric or drop cloth. If You are unable to look for suitable window treatments from the store on any account, you can manage to make handmade curtains and blinds with a few cheaper materials and accessories. 

  • Thermal Curtains are the best curtains you can make to block heat if there is poor insulation in your home.
  • For your room’s beautiful and elegant look, drop cloth curtains can be the best pick and are HGTV-worthy too.
  • You can choose the roman shades (or DIY).

3.    Make Use of No-Drill Curtain Rod Support

We all have to face it; it’s burdensome to install the traditional curtain equipment, and you’re pledging to see the unprepossessing holes and damages when you take apart the rod and bracket from the wall. 

Fastening curtains with drywall anchors or fasteners requires drilling holes, which can cause considerable damage to your walls. If you’re hanging curtains temporarily, or just want to avoid making holes, learn how to hang curtains without drilling into the wall

To keep away from wasting money on wall damages to spackling compounds and repairing the wall, instead make use of no-drill hardware.

4. Look Into Deals and Offers While Shopping Online

Another facile way to save money from buying the high-priced curtains and blinds is to check out the discounted deals and coupons available while shopping online. Skip enduring the high-cost visits to home decor stores and visit the outlets and online discounters to discover the cheapest deals and offers. Bear in mind to keep an eye on the validity dates before using them, not to waste your time and energy. 

There is an extensive convenience of shopping online from the discount stores and pages. Wadav wraps product reviews, buying guides, promos & coupon codes, and is the top spot for daily deals and discounts on your ideal products.

5.    Try Preferring Cotton Fabric Materials

The final cost of the material you choose for your curtains and blinds can significantly impact your pocket. Generally, faux wood blinds or plastic blinds are cheaper than natural wood blinds, and it would be best if you prefer to buy the inexpensive one for your wallet on that account. Not to make it boring, you can find other pretty colors of plastic blinds instead of black and white.

Opt for cotton fabric panels to get your curtain for a low and affordable price in opposition to blinds. Buying fabric-per-yard to make them custom curtains because your windows are in varying sizes is a cherry on top. 

6.    Give A Shot to Window Films

If you want to maintain privacy and lay your windows style bare, then trying window films can be the perfect alternative to blinds, curtains, and drapes. Consider using adhesive films if you have a street-facing window to keep up the privacy, and equally important to make sure to find out the margin to cross ventilation and avoid exhaustion. 

You can buy window films from any home improvement store; however, different designs or features (glare control, heat control, etc.) can differ in cost. Nevertheless, window films require less financing and maintenance than other window treatments. All you need is soap, a glass cleaning solution or water, and an excellent wiper to stick the window film efficiently. 

Once more, if you are willing for a challenge, try a DIY window filming task by making use of a few ways by using DIY contact paper or DIY sheer fabric window films, and voila! Save enough of your expenses.

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