Top 10 Online Spanish Tutors of 2022: Find your Tutor Now!

Online Spanish Tutors

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Learning Spanish online is a fantastic method of choice in the current technological era. Access to native Spanish tutors has never been easier thanks to technological advancements that make it a breeze to connect with them through virtual classrooms and communities. Furthermore, e-learning courses are now developed and designed from great educational institutions that bring quality learning content and professional tutors straight to the comfort of your own home – with convenience and flexibility to balance your schedule, lifestyle and learning needs. Lastly, learning Spanish online can be so engaging and entertaining! There are so many fun ways to learn the language while enjoying its culture in the most organic and native forms – such as intriguing podcasts with enigmatic native Spanish speakers, videos with captivating audio-visual content, intuitive applications that incorporate fun games into your language learning journey and many other forms of educational content that can be easily accessed through your computer, tablet and even your smartphone.

This article will give you the top 10 online Spanish tutor platforms to help you find the best way to learn Spanish organically and conveniently, while still having a great time enjoying the language and its culture.

1. Amazing Talker

Source: Amazing Talker

Slogan: Languages and Learning made fun. For you.

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Pricing can range from a minimum of $9 for a 25 minute lesson to $17 for a 50 minute lesson. ****

Description: Amazing Talker has an intuitive website that is easy to use and provides you with a great selection of Spanish tutors. They have a simple interface that allows you to view and choose tutors from a detailed list provided, which shows you their price, reviews and bio description. They even have a filter process based on the students’ age, language level and practical application intended for the language to help streamline your options to the tutor and course that is best matched for you. 

2. Superprof


Slogan: Find the perfect tutor. Online or in-person, make your choice from 18 million tutors.

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Average of 22$ per hour

Description: Superprof consists of more than 200 employees from all backgrounds and cultures at the Embassy of Knowledge Sharing in Paris in the 10th arrondissement helping to guide people’s language goals in 39 countries, 18 languages and 24 hours a day. With their community of 18 million experienced tutors, they have since taught over 35 million students on their language learning journeys. Majority of their qualified tutors give their first lesson for free to help you decide if it is suitable for you. Tutors provide private lessons via webcam and the website provides secure payment options to ensure it all runs smoothly.

3. Verbling

Source: Verbling

Slogan: Learn from home with the best online language tutors

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Average $19 per hour (ranging from $5 – $75)

Description: Verbling is an online language learning platform that teaches over 70 language with their community of 10,000 expert tutors – all with prior teaching experience, carefully recruited. The majority of their Spanish tutors are native and have an average 5 star rating by their students. There is a great filtering system to help you choose a tutor by price, availability, location and the languages they speak. There is a great amount of variety in Verbling, so there will always be something for someone.

4. italki

Source: italki

Slogan: Become fluent in any language

Available on: Website, Apple and Android

Average Price: Ranges from $8 – $22

Description: italki is an online platform which connects language learners and teachers through video chat. The website enables students to find online teachers for private 1-on-1 tutoring, and allows teachers to earn money as freelance tutors. They provide personalized Spanish courses with qualified tutors and an easy process to find the best tutor for you.

5. Preply

Source: Preply

Slogan: Speak any language confidently.

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Range from just $3 per hour to $78 per hour

Description: Preply is an online platform committed to teaching students foreign languages with flexibility, quality and immersive methods. They strive to teach you both the language and the culture behind the language, while also preparing you for realistic scenarios where you would need to use these skills – such as conversations and business activities. Preply a great choice to learn not only the Spanish language, but also its culture.

6. ClassGap

Source: Classgap

Slogan: Choose from over 12,000 online teachers for 1-on-1 tailor-made lessons based on your goals and interests.

Available on: Website, Apple and Android

Average Price: Average of **$16 (**Ranges from $6 – $80)

Description: Classgap is an online platform that helps you find a tutor to teach you the language of your choice, such as Spanish. You’ll find your ideal tutor among the thousands who are registered on the platform. They will tailor the course to your needs and help you to achieve your goals. You can select an online tutor according to your availability and enjoy the flexibility of online classes. You can then learn in your new virtual classroom, which has everything you need: video conferencing, digital whiteboard, online document editor, Google Drive and Youtube integration.

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7. Lingoci

Source: Lingoci

Slogan: The smarter way to learn a language

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: $21.90 per lesson with each 1-on-1 lesson lasting 55 minutes.

Description: Lingoci is an online platform that connects language learners with experienced, native tutors. Their mission is to help people all over the world achieve their learning goals through 1-on-1 lessons that are fun, personalized and effective. Lingoci tutors come from many different countries but they share a lot in common. They’re talented, friendly and reliable people. And they’re usually eager language learners themselves, which helps them understand the challenges their students are facing. They have a booking system that helps you look for your ideal class and tutor with options for your Spanish tutor to be from Spain or Latin America.

8. Spanish Skype

Source: Spanish Skype

Slogan: The most fun way to learn Spanish!

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Ranges from $12$20 per hour

Description: SpanishSkype is an online platform created with the aim to connect you with a Spanish tutor for 1-on-1 lessons that are provided via Skype, and they are adapted to each of their learner’s needs and goals. Their company has 9 tutors from Spain, Mexico, and other places in Latin America – all with teaching certifications and many years of experience teaching Spanish. They offer various levels of lessons aimed at improving your speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This includes exam preparation as well. Spanish Skype goes one step further and provides specialized lessons for children.

9. Verbal Planet

Source: Verbal Planet

Slogan: Enjoy one to one private language classes on Skype. Practice and improve your fluency online through live conversation with qualified native speaking language teachers from around the world.

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: $22 for a 45-minute lesson.

Description: Verbalplanet is an online tutoring service that offers lessons in more than 35 languages and can connect you with Spanish language tutors from all over the world. They offer private lessons via Skype, where you can have real conversations with native Spanish-speaking teachers to prepare you for practical situations in using the language. You have the option and freedom to book one lesson or up to an entire Spanish language course. These lessons are tailored to your needs.

10. Spanish 55

Source: Spanish 55

Slogan: Online Spanish lessons around your schedule.

Available on: Main Website

Average Price: Ranges between $30 – $35 for a 55-minute lesson

Description: Spanish55 specializes in teaching Spanish to native English speakers via private Spanish lessons using Skype. To begin, you would schedule a free 55-minute Skype video call with one of the platform’s experienced tutors so that they can assess your needs and design your goals that are customized to what is optimal for you. It has a well-established language learning syllabus that includes controlled role-play, repetition drills, listening practice, and more methods of learning Spanish effectively.

FAQs about Spanish Online Tutoring

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1. How can I find the best online Spanish tutor?

The best online Spanish tutor is the one that is a great fit for your needs and goals. They personalize your lessons and learning to suit your needs and capabilities. This article can point you in the right direction to the best platforms to find the best online Spanish tutor for you. Make sure that your tutor has a good rapport, is native in the language they are teaching and are friendly!

2. What are the advantages of taking Spanish lessons online?

When you take Spanish lessons online, you are able to work at your own pace and are in control of the learning speed of your lessons. You are also able to be more flexible with your time for your Spanish lessons to suit your busy lifestyle and schedule. Furthermore, it is a much more convenient method to learn from the comfort and safety of your own home, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing and isolation is recommended for your safety and the safety of others. There are also such entertaining and engaging ways to make your Spanish lessons better online than in person – such as podcasts, videos, and other fun educational digital media.

3. How do you define good Spanish online teaching?

Good Spanish online teaching consists of a certified and experienced Spanish tutor who knows how to adapt their Spanish lessons and content for their student’s needs, capacity and language proficiency level. It also consists of engaging, interactive and intuitive online classes and content geared towards helping students learn the language effectively, while ensuring they stay motivated throughout their language learning journey.

Are you ready to find your Top Online Spanish Tutor?

Source: PexelsNow that you have seen the best online language learning platforms on the web, with the best Spanish offline classes near me, it’s time for you to check them out yourself.

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