Top 10 Potent Features You Must Include in Your Taxi Mobile App

Ride-sharing apps are in demand due to convenience and ease that people experience instead of traveling in local transportation. This has resulted in the increasing demand for logistic app development where even startups are ready to invest in the clone solutions.

Lyft business model is preferred by many businesses as Lyft is the on-demand app for in-demand people. Post Uber disruption in 2019, people started believing that taxi services had become expensive. Instead, the demand for taxi booking proliferated and the completion of taxi booking app increased.

To beat the competition and stand out in the market you must invest in taxi app development for passengers for easy booking and safe ride-hailing services.

First thing is to check out the Lyft taxi app and understand the strategy they follow. Analyzing the needs of the consumers should be clear. Focus on the must-have features of the app you need to develop that includes passenger app and drivers app for seamless operations of the business.

But, what is passenger app and a taxi app? Let’s learn further.

How Lyft Marketing Strategy Innovates the Taxi Industry?

Lyft has brought wonders and now it is spreading across the USA to serve maximum people with easy commutation. With understanding about the different apps taxi business need, they should also understand the Lyft business model.

Coming back to the process of taxi app from scratch, features and components are important in designing the taxi app. However, you need to design two apps to help the passengers and the drivers using smart devices.

Passenger App

The client or traveler application assists the clients with booking their taxi or ride. The clients sign in to the application and book taxis online via mobile app. This application includes various components like driver data, geolocation, and constant taxi booking status, ride-sharing button, online payment methods, and so forth.


Driver App

The driver application permits the drivers to accept/reject ride request. Some must-have highlights of the driver application are driver profile update, driver rating, riding history, income, and so forth.

Then again, there is even an administrator board that most taxi booking application advancement administrations plan to empower the proprietor to screen the presentation of the business. The application assists the proprietor with keeping a mind dropped, progressing rides, driver income, and generally speaking income, and so forth.

Must-have Potent Features during a Taxi App Development

Below are the listed features that are must if you are thinking to develop a taxi app like Lyft.

Dynamic Reduced Fares

A powerful fare framework can assume a fundamental part in a taxi-hailing business. The uniqueness of the element can be gainful to admin, drivers, as well as ride users. Since drivers use navigations to decide location with high requests, in many examples, regions with low demand face the absence of taxicabs.

However, like surging rates, admin can set the fare for a particular region for a specific timeframe, along these lines drawing in the consideration of drivers and guaranteeing that a sufficient number of taxicabs are accessible to take care of the low interest. Moreover, the element additionally helps administrator to draw in various drivers in regions with popularity, particularly during peak hours.

Driver Incentives

For the most part, a taxi application is created by keeping a ‘client driven’ approach. A zoomed-in focus around drivers’ application can assist with lessening the weakening pace of service providers from the business. The incentives included is actually the thing that will keep drivers stick to your business.

The element can be set with three boundaries – online hours, ride completion, and scheduled time standard. The mission for finishing the designated number of rides will incite drivers to take more rides and procure better motivating forces. This, accordingly overcoming any issues among request and supply.

Reports & Analytics

As information is the new business resource for advanced organizations, reports and examination are propellers to upkeep the upward direction of these organizations. The equivalent is the situation with the Lyft-like taxi application business. Each booking made in the online application booking gets one of the accompanying and suitable reactions:

  1. No Driver Available
  2. Ride Cancelled
  3. Ride Request Rejected
  4. The Ride Completed

Other than these information, experiences into the enrollment of new clients habitually voyaged courses, positive and negative criticism can likewise be separated from the report and investigation segment.

Wallet Options

In spite of the “at a tap” convenience of making an payment through various modes in an internet based taxi booking application, the application can be additionally made easy to use by fusing the “one time per month” payment choice. Like the power and water charges, riders can pick a date of the month, on which they get a month to month charge that incorporates the fare of all rides they have taken during the month.

Travel Anywhere, Anytime

Say, for example, a rider wishes to go to an outing to a calm place outside the city. Profiting a taxi inside the city is certainly not a hurdle for the rider; but, booking a taxi at the outskirts can bring a ton of hardship.

That is the point at which the feature of taxi available anywhere comes to picture. The component can assist rider with booking vehicle with an individual driver for a predetermined number of kilometers and time. This can serve masses, particularly during outstation excursions and evening travel.

Round the Clock Support

Discussing the ‘call-and-ride’ Lyft business model, there is no reliable method for getting riders to you in the event of issues. What they basically decide to do is produce to your rivals. Furthermore, issues like unreasonable admissions, attacks, and some other bad behaviors can likewise stay in obscurity, and its surfaces, there is no actual proof.

Cloud Security

You are into the business as long as possible. All in all, why not likewise broaden endeavors towards handling difficulties that could hinder your direction to business development? Given the rising impact of massive information and security arrangements, for example, GDPR, it becomes significant to safeguard the respectability of your riders by having 360-degree insurance against cybercriminals and information looters. Your taxi app should be based on cloud tech so that there is flexibility and safety to the data generated by the passengers.

Appealing UI Design

At the point when we talk about a taxi or a taxi booking application, keeping things basic and significant is the best approach. Considering the way that you are managing small screens here, when contrasted with PCs, you should be truly brilliant to fuse the main data you really want from the client in a restricted space.

From keeping the information exchange page to the inner screens, you should guarantee that things are basic and mess free. Hold things to the absolute minimum with the goal that clients don’t get terrified checking a chaotic screen out!

Grow Your Taxi Business with Lyft-like Business Model Now

While greater part of the businesses working with software and a standardized approach, this may lead to a higher side of investing a lot more money than you ever imagine. To avoid such things you can count on clone solutions for your business mobile application. This will help you add or remove a few features that are important or absolutely unnecessary for your business. To create a clone solutions and similar business model like Lyft, you can reach out to the best clone solutions provider company. They will surely have better ideas within your budget.

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