Top 6 career opportunities after pursuing BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration, also known as BBA, is a three-year full-time undergraduate programme. BBA syllabus covers basic management skills, organisation behaviour, business strategy, financial accounting, legal, regulatory framework, production and material management, business mathematics and statistics, international finance, capital management, business economics, entrepreneurship development, personnel management, and industrial relations and communication.

BBA is one of the most sought-after undergraduate degrees among students after completing school. Although the BBA course helps build a solid foundation for students who wish to venture into the world of management, the degree is not enough to land high-paying jobs in this highly competitive and dynamic business landscape. Candidates must take up a postgraduate degree to have a well-established career after completing a BBA degree.

Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will help you discover the top six career opportunities available to students after completing a BBA degree. Surprisingly, very few students know these routes that can lead them to a rewarding future. So, let’s discuss these top career options after BBA.

Top 6 career options after BBA

Here is the list of the top six career options you can choose after completing a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

  1. Business Administrator

Business Administrators are responsible for supervising the everyday operations of a business. They hire staff members, lead department meetings, and serve as a link between low and upper management. According to Payscale, Business Administrator makes INR 4,50,000 per year in India.

  • Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Managers, also known as IT Managers, are responsible for designing, managing, and monitoring information systems. They supervise specialists who install and maintain hardware and software used within a broad range of public and private sectors. Strong financial and organisational skills are necessary to secure this job. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of Information Systems Managers in India is INR 27,93,059 per year.

  • Marketing Manager

A person who promotes businesses, services, firms, products, and brands is called a Marketing Manager. Their primary purpose is to develop strategies to attract prospective customers and retain existing ones. Marketing Managers also develop marketing and pricing strategies to generate new business leads. Marketing Managers are creative and possess core management skills. According to Payscale, the Marketing Manager makes INR 6,77,465 per year in India.

  • Human Resource Manager

These professionals act as a link between a company’s management and its workforce. Human Resources Managers perform many tasks, such as planning, recruiting, onboarding, training, and managing employees. Plus, they are responsible for the payroll maintenance of a company. According to Payscale, Human Resource Managers make INR 6,97,148 per year in India.

  • Product Manager

A project manager takes responsibility or charge of a particular project or many others in this profession. Their primary roles and responsibilities include planning, budgeting, and monitoring project. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of Product Managers in India is INR 15,00,000 per year.

  • Specialise in management

Lastly, the most proven pathway to an enticing and lucrative career in the field of management is by pursuing a master’s degree in management. MBA is considered a stepping-stone to a promising career in a highly competitive environment.

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