Top 6 Fine Dining Restos To Try In Sydney

Dining Restos To Try In Sydney

There’s no doubt that Sydney is a foodie paradise, with endless options for fine dining and exquisite cuisine. Here are the six best restaurants to try if you want to enjoy a luxurious gastronomic experience. 

From local Australian produce to classic Italian and Japanese cuisine, these establishments will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So if you’re up for good food in Sydney, continue reading. 

1. Abode Bistro & Bar 

First, if you are all for refined and contemporary Australian cuisine, you must check Abode Bistro & Bar out at Darling Harbour. This award-winning restaurant offers locally grown ingredients and caters to all the nutritional needs of people. They innovate their menus, and chefs Josh Askew and Vico Betguen aim to bring people together by creating tasty dishes people can indulge in while dining. 

The restaurant’s interior can bring you comfort through natural earth tones, clear-cut carpets, and impressive wallpaper designs. It can accommodate up to 60 guests.

But that’s not all that’s special about this resto. The management observes ethical farming and cooking techniques that lessen plastic use and uphold recycling efforts. Here you can experience fine-dining while attending to your environmental responsibilities. 

2. Sixpenny

Located at Stanmore Village, Sixpenny defines simple but finessed dining. 

It may not be your standard million-dollar restaurant in Sydney, but it offers a different take on food. Their produce is grown and cultivated on the farm of the Parry family in Bowral. The dishes on their menu are cooked using simple techniques–avoiding unnecessary and excessive procedures. 

What makes their offers special is that it reflects Australian history. 

Its chefs, Anthony Schifilliti and Daniel Puskas focus on curtains and their dishes narrating Australia. They work with local tradespeople to help them achieve the Australian history vibe in their menu. The restaurant sits in an old Percival Road building to add to its historic ambiance. 

3. Quay 

When people ask for the top Australian restaurant list, there’s no doubt that Quay is included in it. You better rush to this restaurant if you want spectacular harbor views topped with delectable food. It is located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, and its chef, Peter Gilmore, can surely capture your buds through the texture he plays on food. 

Additionally, it is famous for its desserts: snow egg and white coral, and its six or ten-course menu that features scallops, oysters, and octopus. 

4. Bennelong

Chef Peter Gilmore did not stop cooking good food at Quay. He also runs Bennelong, the sister of Quay restaurant. It is located at the Sydney Opera House. 

Not only is the food affordable. But guests can enjoy modern Australian local produce on its menu. It is considered the city’s most iconic restaurant, and its dishes will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. 

5. Chaco Bar

If you suddenly long for Japanese food in Sydney, don’t fret. Chaco bar may answer your cravings. Its chefs are pros in handling gizzards, chicken cartilage, yakitori, and robata. 

Starting as a small ramen place in Crown Street, Surrey Hills, the bar is now operating at Victoria Street Potts Point and can cater to up to 75 guests! They offer Japanese drinks like Suntory beer and yuzu highballs. Eating here can make you experience the taste of communal dining. 

6. Icebergs Dining Room And Bar

Sydney can also touch your palate with Italian taste. They offer scallops, risotto, and celeriac agnolotti. 

What’s more exciting is that you can dine while looking at the picturesque view of Bondi beach! Its interiors add more to the cool beach vibe with its walls, chairs, and utensils. Chill out with your friends with bottles of wine while dining at Icebergs.

Wrapping Up

Restaurants in Sydney can take your dining experience to the next level. From simple to sophisticated dishes on the menus, you can have any food your taste buds crave while strolling in the city. It is a place to explore fresh and local produce, with restaurants offering meals that customers will never forget. 


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