Top 7 Features of PDF to Magazine Software

The PDF format is one of the most popular document formats. It’s been around for decades and it’s easy to create and share. But while it’s a great format for sharing, PDF files are not ideal for publishing – especially if your goal is to make an impression on your readers. If you have a PDF file, you should convert it to a digital magazine with PDF to magazine software.

PDFs are popular for a reason: They’re easy to create and universally readable. But that doesn’t make them the right choice for every situation. In fact, PDFs often don’t display well on mobile devices, which can make reading them difficult or impossible. And PDFs are not interactive — they’re essentially just pictures of documents.

Convert PDF to digital magazine to reach more readers! A digital magazine is a great way to present your digital content in a more interactive, stylish and professional way.

A digital magazine software program allows you to add videos, audios, links, images, animations, texts and shapes. By creating an eye-catching digital magazine, you can significantly boost your readership and increase the conversion rate.

How to convert PDF to digital magazine?

To carry out the conversion, you need a high-quality PDF to magazine software; it enables you to convert PDF to page flipping magazines. The most important thing is that it can support mobile devices like iPhones, iPad and Android phones.

Upload your PDF files to the software solution and the software solution will convert the PDF files into a digital magazine in a matter of seconds with no assistance. 

This software allows you to add bookmark and button links in the magazine. It also provides you with many other functions; for example, you can add background music for your magazine, share it online and offline, and embed the magazine into a website or blog. 

Features of digital magazine software

The features of PDF to magazine software converter are many and varied, but we’ve highlighted the most important ones for you below.

1. Easy to use

The software must be easy to use and simple to understand. There is no point in having a tool that creates amazing magazines if you cannot get it started. Further, it should be so much user-friendly that even the non-technical staff can create the content without much training. 

2. Templates and themes

A good digital publishing software program will offer a range of templates and themes that allow users to get started quickly with a publication without having to do too much work from scratch. These templates and themes should be customizable, however, so that they can be updated to match the brand identity of your organization or business.

3. Social media integration

Social media is an increasingly important part of business strategy, and it’s crucial that any online magazine software allows you to share your content — including pages within your magazine — on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter via hyperlinks or embedded buttons. This is a great way to drive traffic back to your magazine or website and increase engagement with your content.

4. Mobile support

Digital magazines need to be supported on mobile devices as most people are now accessing everything via their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Android magazines apps have become a common thing now. The best online magazine software should have options that allow you to create a magazine that is optimized for mobile viewing. This usually means having a responsive design that allows it to work with any device’s screen size.

5. Cloud-based publishing

To make the process of publishing magazines much easier, many people are using cloud-based systems. This means your digital magazine software should enable you to publish your content online without downloading or installing anything on your computer. When you use a cloud-based system, you can access everything from anywhere with an internet connection.

6. Analytics reporting

When you publish a magazine, it is important to gauge how well your readers engage with the content. Using analytics tools helps you identify areas of improvement and what works well. Best digital magazine software will provide useful insights into how your readers interact with your publication. You can get this information through built-in analytic reports or by integration with Google Analytics.

7. Multi-channel distribution

The software should support multiple distribution channels so you can engage with your audience across a variety of channels. The most popular digital publishing platforms include websites, mobile devices, tablets and email marketing campaigns. If a platform doesn’t offer multi-channel distribution, it isn’t worth considering.

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