Top Benefits of Mobile Phone Charging Locker Stations

Charging stations are a great way to attract customers to eating areas. If you install mobile phone charging lockers in your dining area, customers will often visit your place. In addition to attracting customers, you can also increase your employee satisfaction and productivity. Here are top reasons to install mobile phone charging lockers:

Increases dwell time and sales 

A charging locker for mobile phones can increase customer dwell time in your facility, consequently boosting your sales. It takes fifteen minutes to charge a phone to a usable level. While shopping, customers will stop to charge their phones rather than leave the store to go home or find a public charger. In addition, shoppers who charge their phones in-store spend 29% more money than those who do not.

Unlike traditional charging stations, the LockerPower charging lockers come with a privacy screen to prevent people from using them without the owner’s knowledge. This technology also allows for opt-in data collection from customers. This charging station is compatible with 98% of the current market’s smartphones, and it can also accommodate most tablets and smaller laptops. Furthermore, the charging kiosk can easily connect to the Internet and have custom branding.

Clients will spend more money

The use of charging locker stations in airports and other public places has a definite impact on impulse purchases. One way to measure the impact of phone charging locker stations on customer engagement is by measuring the time people spend at these stations. The average person spends about three minutes at a charging station. It demonstrates how mobile phone charging lockers are a great way to engage customers and increase sales. 

Another reason for the benefits of mobile phone charging locker stations is that customers are less likely to worry about running out of battery. It prevents customers from wasting valuable time frantically searching for a charger. Mobile charging locker stations also serve as a great way to attract customers to eating areas and other public spaces. It, in turn, increases footfall, which will boost sales. These benefits alone increase the likelihood that people will purchase more products and services at your location.

Employee satisfaction & more productivity

Mobile phone charging locker stations have many benefits for both employees and employers. By keeping phones in the locker, employees can focus on their work without being distracted by emails, text messages, or social media. It makes meetings run more smoothly and prevents errors, particularly during high-precision tasks. It also increases employee satisfaction. Companies that offer charging lockers have a higher employee satisfaction score. Besides providing a convenient, safe space, charging lockers are a good investment for employees.

Increased productivity

Chargers also improve employee satisfaction since they are out of sight. Therefore, a company’s strict no-device policy can easily transition to a charging locker station. However, it is essential to note that charging lockers have other benefits besides increasing employee engagement. One of them is that they can improve the employee experience. By making employees feel more valued, they are more likely to engage with their co-workers and boost their overall productivity.

Better engagement

The benefits of mobile phone charging locker stations are clear. They can improve employee engagement, but they also help reduce workplace distractions. Using a charging station means that employees are not constantly dealing with dead cell phones. 

Another reason to install charging locker stations is employee satisfaction. When employees feel engaged at work, they are less likely to be distracted by emails, social media or text messages. And the fact that they don’t have to worry about their phones distracting them from their work helps the entire workplace run more efficiently. Mobile phone charging locker stations encourage employees to adopt environmentally friendly habits and foster high loyalty. And if you’re an employer, it’s worth investing in such amenities!

Another reason to install a mobile phone charging station is to attract customers. These stations can be extremely useful at a trade show, and they encourage people to visit the booths or tables while they charge their phones. The mobile phone charging station is a great way to attract visitors and engage them in marketing activities, and it can also attract sponsors and advertisers. With so many benefits, you’ll surely be able to get the best out of mobile phone charging locker stations.

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