Buying a property, especially a house, is one of the single most important financial transactions many make in their lives. This is because of committing a substantial amount of money and being tied up with it for years to come. 

Hence, ensuring that the transaction is handled correctly and professionally makes sense. Herein the services of Conveyancers are much needed and appreciated. 

There are many top conveyancers in Peterborough and Coventry. Some of them are :

  1.  AVRILLO:  Formed by two brothers in 1998, Avrillo focuses on people first while providing conveyancing services. Their 95% success rate is a guarantee about their services. They have received a lot of word-of-mouth referrals which shows their trustworthiness.  As Sunday Times Best Conveyancing Solicitors and with an excellent rating on Google, Avrillo provides economic conveyancing services with no hidden and nasty cost surprises. Their fast, efficient solutions have led to their success story because any lawyer’s delays can lead to failure. With utmost integrity and dedication, the lawyers at Avrillo perform their services without any hesitation. They are a CLC regulated conveyancing firm, and offer conveyancing solicitor services in Peterborough and other areas.Their services include drafting individual documentation and the usual conveyancing services such as property disputes consultation, remortgaging and equity release help, and other legal guidance for first-time buyers.
  2. HS LAWYERS:  The services offered by HS lawyers are very well known in the region of Peterborough. They are highly competitive and offer basic jargon-free services with accuracy and speed. The staff also needs a favorable mention. They are amicable and easily approachable. Their services deal with sales and purchases, Remortgages, Business Acquisitions, Preparing Tenancy Agreements, Notices, and Possession, Neighbourhood problems, and illegal eviction. The staff at HS lawyers have vast experience and specialize in Conveyancing with an experienced solicitor at hand. Their records show that they have assisted their clients in all their legal matters. HS Lawyers ensure that every client is continually updated at every stage in the transaction, and they do not bamboozle clients with legal terminology.
  3. FIELD OVERELL LLP SOLICITORS: Being a Multi-award winning firm, Field Overell LLP has more than 180 years of experience in providing legal services. The solicitors are experts in their respective fields and offer tailored service to a wide range of clients ranging from public members to large companies. Field Overell also provides home service and has offices in  Warwick Street and Coventry as well. The well-qualified staff are trained in all areas of property law and can help avoid potential problems and thereby protect your interests at every step. Being involved early, the solicitors at Field Overell LLP ensure all preparatory work is done beforehand to facilitate the easy transaction and save time. Their services include acquiring and managing the property ( residential and commercial), Negotiating and drafting leases, Licenses to Assign, Underlet and Alter, rent reviews. The professional team is ready to help out in lease and tenancy etc.
  4. TAYLOR ROSE TTKW: The Taylor Rose TTKW is considered one of the top 200 independent law firms of advocates. It has over 400 specialists operating nationwide.   In fact, they are being routinely recommended by developers and estate agents all over. So from this, it can be understood that Taylor Rose TTKW is an independent firm of solicitors who are conveyancing specialists. Their vision is to simplify the process through innovation and creativeness and deliver smart modern law. Their services include residential and commercial property buying and selling, Mortgages, Purchase and sale to Leasing, commercial leases, Secured lending, Overage, and options agreements. The experienced legal team will take the stress out of the legal process and can fully deal with a range of property matters. That is the reason why they are considered property specialists.
  5. HEGARTY LLP SOLICITORS:   With  Joy Plummer as a qualified solicitor, Hegarty LLP solicitors specialize in commercial property-related matters such as buying and selling properties, negotiating agreements, and other land law matters. The special expertise is in rural land and property-related matters. The experienced team at  Hegarty LLP Solicitors is very down to earth in their approach and gives comprehensive and practical advice. The accomplished team and legal advisors can quickly put you, your family, your business in a strong position. In fact, Hegarty LLP solicitors are considered as one of the largest and most successful firms in the region. Their expertise extends  over an extensive range of legal services  such as Commercial Mortgages, Corporate Support, Freehold and Lease


If you are thinking of making a big purchase or sale of property, then a lot of factors have to be considered. In such cases, the conveyancing expert will take on an important role. With an expert conveyancer such as Avrillo mentioned above, all your property transaction needs can be handled smoothly and efficiently. So it is best to hand over these matters to the experts for all legal advice and services.

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