Top-Notch Tips to Sell a Fire Damaged House

Fire Damaged House

For many people, selling a house after a fire can be both devastating and expensive. There are many things to consider when considering the consequence of the fire on your insurance, future mortgage rates, or if you can even afford to rebuild. Depending on the severity of the damage done to the home, there are some necessary steps you will need to take before putting it up for sale with the help of a provider such as sellmyhouse7.

Tips to undertake

  1. Contact the insurer

The first thing you should do is contact your insurance company about what they cover in rebuilding expenses. They simply issue you with an estimate for repairs after they have inspected it. They will start the fire damage claim process right away, so expect to hear back within a few days. If you have made repairs without the cost being covered by your insurance, you will likely be reimbursed for these expenses when you return to your insurance provider with receipts.

  1. Remove the burnt articles from the house

Now that you have the money ready to put towards rebuilding or simply want to sell it, some housekeeping items need to be taken care of before hiring a realtor. Clear out anything damaged in the fire and store it in an area where no one can see it when viewing the home. You want the buyer to have the cleanest viewing possible.

  1. Apply paint to cover damage

Keep in mind that you can use a little creative license when it comes to fixing up a home that’s been damaged by a fire. Use lighter colors and keep neutral tones so that the damage doesn’t stand out as much. You’ll want to get rid of any smoky smell from the fire, so air out the house for at least three days before showing it to prospective buyers.

The last words

When it comes down to listing your home for sale, you will likely be asked about any fire damage. If this was not disclosed in your listing agreement or when you first listed your home, which can either put off buyers or raise their interest in it. Accidental fires can occur at any time. Therefore, you might not have enough money set up to cover unexpected costs. And you can get in contact with PaydayChampion for a loan assistance.

If you have not done any repairs or alterations to the home, you may want to add a disclaimer to your listing stating that it has been damaged by fire and you’re not responsible for any damages caused.

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