Top Philosophy Research Topics For Students To Consider

Philosophy Research Topics

Do you want to prepare a top-quality philosophy research paper? Are you a philosophy student who is looking for the best philosophy research paper topics for your academic project? Don’t worry! We know how difficult it is to find out a perfect research topic and craft a great philosophy research paper. Hence, to help you out, in this blog post, we have shared a few important philosophy research paper topic selection tips and the effective ways for writing a good philosophy research paper.

Also, to minimize your topic searching time, here, we have listed nearly 200 interesting philosophy research paper topics that will help you score high grades.

Keep on reading this blog post to get gripping research ideas for philosophy assignments.

Philosophy Research Paper Writing

A philosophy research paper is an academic paper that gives a detailed explanation of any topics that are related to philosophy. In general, philosophy is a vast field of study that focuses on a wide range of theories and fundamental questions that are specific to knowledge, values, existence, language, reason, and the mind. Mainly, the subject deals with reality, truth and goodness.

You may think that it is easy to learn philosophy concepts and conduct research on them. But truly it is not. For writing a brilliant philosophy research paper, you should invest a lot of time and effort similar to crafting a complex science research paper. Most importantly, when writing a philosophy research paper, rather than considering the facts related to the research topic, you should critically identify and analyze hidden arguments, develop logical arguments, and convince your readers that your argument is valid.

Right now, would you have to prepare a comprehensive philosophy research paper? If yes, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps for writing a philosophy research paper.

  1. First, search and identify a good philosophy research topic.
  2. Perform in-depth analysis on the topic and collect all the main points for research paper discussion.
  3. Prepare a neat and clear research paper outline by highlighting your arguments.
  4. Find a strong thesis statement from your selected research question or research paper topic.
  5. Organize your ideas as per the standard research paper format that includes the components such as introduction, body, and conclusion.
  6. Add a catchy hook sentence to your introductory paragraph, mention brief background information on the topic and wind up the section with the thesis statement that you have identified earlier.
  7. In the body section, discuss all the significant points or arguments related to your topic with supporting evidence, facts, or examples from credible sources.
  8. Conclude the research paper with a thesis restatement and a call-to-action in the conclusion paragraph.
  9. At the end of the research paper, include a references list or a bibliography.
  10. Finally, before submission, revise the entire paper and edit if there are any errors in it.

Executing these steps in order will help you to come up with an outstanding philosophy research paper. But whenever you prepare your research paper, organize your ideas in a logical order to avoid confusion. Also, maintain a natural sentence flow throughout the academic paper. Most importantly, in the research paper, present your arguments in a way to persuade your readers.

Tips for Selecting a Good Philosophy Research Paper Topic

For writing an informative philosophy research paper, it is mandatory to have a good topic. As philosophy is a broad academic discipline, you can easily find plenty of research topics and subtopics in it. But remember, when you have many topics, then finding one perfect topic out of them would become more tedious. So, if you want to identify the best research paper topic, then keep the following tips in mind during the research paper topic selection step.

  • Pick a topic that interests you and your readers.
  • Choose a topic that allows you to fill the areas that are lacking.
  • Select a philosophy topic that focuses on any certain issue or problem in society.
  • Never choose a topic that is too wide or too specific.
  • Identify a research question that supports you to find valid solutions.
  • Select an arguable question or a research topic that is argumentative.
  • Never choose any single-dimensional research paper topic.
  • Ignore picking a topic with less or no research scope.
  • Give preference to the topic that has different views and opinions.
  • Go with the topic that matches your preferred research methodology.
  • Select a research topic that has ample sources for reference.
  • Choose a topic that has enough facts and data to support your arguments.

In addition to the above-mentioned topic selection tips, before finalizing your research paper topic, find out whether the topic you have selected meets your research paper writing guidelines of your professor or university.

If you want to score an A+ grade, then be certain to select the right philosophy research topic and draft an engaging philosophy academic paper.

List of Philosophy Research Paper Topic Ideas

Basically, philosophy is a broad academic subject with popular research areas such as Epistemology, Logic, Metaphysics, and Political Philosophy. For writing a top-class philosophy research paper, you can choose a topic from any of these areas or any other areas related to philosophy.

If you have no idea on what topic to choose for your philosophy research paper writing assignment, then without any hesitation, go through the list of philosophy research paper topics suggested below and spot the topic that matches your interest.

Simple Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Describe the structure and functions of philosophy.
  2. What are the different methods of thinking?
  3. Define the meaning of human life.
  4. What are the historical types of culture?
  5. Discuss the philosophical ideas of Socrates.
  6. What is the role of humans in the universe?
  7. Explain the philosophy of culture.
  8. To love or be loved: What is more important?
  9. What is a perfect life?
  10. Is it possible to stay happy without having a family?
  11. Discuss the things that make a person’s life meaningful.
  12. Is morality associated with an individual’s education level?
  13. Are emotions important?
  14. What are the pros and cons of egoism?
  15. Explain the role of community in an individual’s personality development.
  16. Define the meaning of love.
  17. How can the custom of dowry be eliminated from people’s minds?
  18. What are the best ways to address the problem of corruption?
  19. Evaluate the things that make a person’s life senseless.
  20. What is loneliness?

Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the concept of honor in ancient Rome.
  2. Have a close look at witchcraft in ancient times.
  3. Discuss the role of the Greek philosophers in shaping human sciences around the 18th century.
  4. Write about philosophy in ancient Greece.
  5. Explain German classical philosophy.
  6. Roman Stoicism and the Rise of Christianity.
  7. Philosophy and Medicine in Antiquity.
  8. A philosophical discussion about magic in ancient times.
  9. Cosmologism of early Greek philosophy.
  10. How did the ancient system of philosophy change?
  11. Explain the unique characteristics of ancient and classical philosophy.
  12. What was Homer’s influence on Greek philosophy?
  13. Explain the concepts of the soul in Ancient Greece.
  14. Talk about French philosophy of the XIX-XX centuries.
  15. Compare Plato’s philosophy and Christian metaphysics.

Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Should the church be involved in politics?
  2. Compare communism and capitalism.
  3. What are the pros and cons of totalitarianism?
  4. What are the merits and demerits of democracy?
  5. Explain the differences between multiculturalism and feminism.
  6. What are the pros and cons of a communist government?
  7. Should the economy incorporate both capitalist and socialist structures?
  8. Discuss the Black Lives Matter social movement philosophy.
  9. How did Nietzsche influence the ideas of the National Socialists?
  10. What are the features of Russian Marxism?

Good Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Is it possible to achieve harmony in society?
  2. Is love only based on chemical reactions?
  3. Explore feminism epistemology.
  4. Are science and religion incompatible?
  5. Analyze the theory of post-structuralism.
  6. Define happiness.
  7. Do good and evil have any significance?
  8. Analyze the modern application of rationalism.
  9. Is religious education necessary?
  10. Discuss the impacts of medical ethics globally.
  11. Explain the relationship between peace and war.
  12. Discuss the theory of black holes.
  13. Analyze the connection between functionalism and sociology.
  14. What is the best way to think positively?
  15. What are the pros and cons of marriage?

Best Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Analyze the notion of atheism in the modern world.
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of child-free families.
  3. Compare philosophy and religion.
  4. Analyze the relationship between the existence of God and the existence of life.
  5. Is Buddhism a religion or philosophy?
  6. Is spiritual power more important than free will?
  7. Is Satanism as bad as it is depicted?
  8. Can parents be the best friend of their children?
  9. Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder?
  10. Do genetics play a bigger role in the way people behave?
  11. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.
  12. Why do people lie?
  13. Discuss the role of literary devices in Plato’s philosophy.
  14. Discuss the motive behind acts of charity.
  15. Is there life after death?

Amazing Philosophy Research Questions

  1. Why women are considered physically weak as compared to men?
  2. Are personalities unique or are they just a template?
  3. Could societies exist without laws and regulations?
  4. Can people gain an education without proper schooling?
  5. Is capital punishment ethical in today’s world?
  6. Does happiness come from our actions toward others?
  7. Do we exist in some form after death?
  8. Is torture a justifiable form of punishment?
  9. Are Machiavellian ideals still relevant in today’s government?
  10. What does it mean to be a postmodern philosopher?
  11. Discuss the concept of true friendship
  12. Does true love exist among teenagers?
  13. Is it ethical to have circuses and zoos?
  14. Explain the pros and cons of organ transplantation.
  15. What is the effect of finding a purpose in life?

Excellent Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Do supernatural entities exist in the world?
  2. How to be creative?
  3. Discuss the differences between humans and animals.
  4. Is economic justice more important than legal justice?
  5. What does it mean to be mentally conscious?
  6. Discuss living without feeling alive.
  7. Should teenagers be given the responsibility to make their own choices?
  8. What are the pros and cons of a utilitarian society?
  9. Discuss the connection between age and wisdom.
  10. Should women have universal rights for abortion?

Powerful Philosophy Thesis Topics

  1. Research the life and death of Plato.
  2. Analyze the power of slogans.
  3. Explain the effects of weather on our mood.
  4. Discuss the effect of video games on our perception.
  5. The effects of music on human development.
  6. Uncover evidence to support the existence of magic
  7. What are the moral implications of genetic engineering?
  8. Explain the concept of power in modern society.
  9. Discuss the theory of constructivism and conventionalism.
  10. What is anti-utopia?
  11. Discuss crucial modern-life values.
  12. Could the murder be justified?
  13. How to achieve peace in the globalized world?
  14. How to increase the level of IQ?
  15. What is utopia?

Top-rated Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the issues and principles of ethics in psychotherapy?
  2. Discuss the moral intention concept in philosophy.
  3. Talk about John Calvin and his philosophy.
  4. Discuss the logic and ethics in the works of Antisthenes.
  5. Explain Kierkegaard’s conception of irony.
  6. Explain the role of power in the Age of Enlightenment.
  7. What are the pros and cons of individualism?
  8. Have a look at freedom through the lens of love and prosperity.
  9. Explain the philosophy of Maoism.
  10. Talk about John Dee’s philosophy, alchemy, and divination.

Great Philosophy Research Ideas

  1. Explain the philosophy of peaceful protests.
  2. What was the philosophy of the Dominican order?
  3. Explain the role of the grandparents in our outlook on life.
  4. Explain the philosophy of Apartheid.
  5. Explain Plato’s ideas about aesthetics.
  6. What fosters good judgment in the life of a man?
  7. Explain how Martin Luther’s theology affected Europe.
  8. The philosophy of eco-friendliness and the controversies.
  9. Explain the philosophy that affected the elimination of slavery.
  10. How can life be without news and information?
  11. Explain the philosophy of the middle ages and the renaissance.
  12. Examine Contemporary Western Philosophy.
  13. Philosophical understanding of time.
  14. Talk about Marxist Philosophy.
  15. What are the main problems of cognition?

Outstanding Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Talk about the spiritual aspects of life.
  2. Compare the similarities between Plato and Aristotle.
  3. How did Rudolph Agricola revolutionize rhetorical studies?
  4. A philosophical discussion about the concept of irony.
  5. Why did Leonardo da Vinci call painting the true philosophy of the Renaissance?
  6. Discuss the positive and negative features of Machiavelli’s ideas.
  7. Reasons and solutions to mass panic and hysteria.
  8. Explain Aristotle’s concept of catharsis.
  9. Should religion be banned by law?
  10. Are morals related to culture?
  11. What are the causes of religious wars?
  12. What would happen if humans lived forever?
  13. Analyze Plato’s Theory of Forms.
  14. Freudian views on dreams.
  15. What are the main aspects of Stoicism?

Impressive Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Explain the problems and prospects of modern civilization.
  2. How did existential phenomenology find its way from Europe?
  3. How the ideology of Darwinism has affected the aspect of natural selection?
  4. Investigate the use of biology in dealing with human philosophical issues.
  5. Describe the philosophical Ideas in the art of poetry and architecture.
  6. Talk about Indo-Buddhist and Taoist-Confucian types of culture.
  7. Compare the differences between intervention and information.
  8. What is the role of qualitative research methods across the discipline of the human sciences?
  9. The ethical and practical arguments against voluntary euthanasia.
  10. How did Russian cosmism influence space exploration?
  11. Analyze the relationship between fate, destiny, and free will.
  12. What is the logic behind nightmares and madness in dreams?
  13. Discuss the impact of the scientific revolution on the renaissance period.
  14. Explain the role of sporting activities in developing virtues and morals in society.
  15. Discuss the contributions of some of the godfathers of the Renaissance.

Captivating Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Identify and explain the role of the Carolingian Renaissance in the Bible.
  2. Fundamental flaws in various epistemological theories.
  3. Discuss the philosophy of language theories and stances in Europe.
  4. Prepare a case study of foundationalism and coherentism.
  5. Explain the concept of skepticism among different readers.
  6. A philosophical discussion about mythology.
  7. Elaborate on the role of ethics on the survivability of a society.
  8. Discuss the ethics behind the application of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  9. Discuss the relationship between Shinto with China and Buddhism.
  10. Analyze the American Enlightenment Thought.
  11. Share your views about the human soul.
  12. A philosophical discussion about Platonic realism.
  13. The contribution of sculptors of the Italian Renaissance.
  14. Discuss the role of aesthetics in the study of philosophy.
  15. A philosophical discussion about biblical parables.

Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the major revolutions of African philosophy.
  2. Give a detailed argument for or against utilitarianism.
  3. Discuss how art patronage was conducted in Italy during the Renaissance.
  4. Explain the concept of salvation according to the Zen Buddhism religion.
  5. Discuss the concept of universalism.
  6. Discuss the determinist theory.
  7. A philosophical discussion about superstitions.
  8. Explore the truth behind myths.
  9. How important is science in our life?
  10. Analyze the Socratic Method.
  11. Is humility a virtue for women?
  12. Explain the concept of happiness through the prism of modern youth.
  13. Is the concept of feminism overhyped?
  14. Should criminals be allowed to have children?
  15. Philosophical understanding of space.

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