Top Practices From Top Agencies For Recruitment

The best practices are the most widely accepted professional procedures that have been proven to be the most efficient. Top agencies in recruitment have one thing in common, just like other industries: they follow the same set of best practices.

However, the ongoing skills gap is growing (especially in IT), and there is increasing competition among recruitment agencies. To win new business, many agencies have taken to cutting prices. This can harm the overall customer experience. Many best practices are thrown out of the window. This has caused a sour taste in the eyes of the entire recruitment industry.

Recruitment agencies that strive to exceed client and candidate expectations aren’t comfortable making broad statements. The best recruitment agencies are different. Because they recognize that they are crucial to their future success, top agencies adhere to industry best practices.

Do your research before you compare potential partners. These are the top four best practices for recruitment agencies:

They Offer A Guarantee Of Recruitment

This is crucial. Before signing any agreement with agencies, you should ask about their guarantee policy. Alarm bells should ring if they don’t offer one. A recruitment guarantee provides peace of mind for your business. This is a sign that the agency you choose is committed to providing superior service.

Sometimes, circumstances can lead to an employee-employer mismatch. Your agency will quickly resolve any problem with a guarantee. will refund any employee who leaves within 8 weeks of being hired by us. This guarantee lets our clients know that they will be taken care of and shows our confidence in our ability to find the right candidate. Beware of agencies that refuse to take responsibility for their work.

They Are Industry Experts

This is a simple point. This is why it makes sense to work with a recruiter who specializes in your industry. Specialist recruiters will be able to distinguish between the ‘good’ and truly exceptional candidates. This will allow for faster and more efficient results.

A Thorough Screening Process

Substandard agencies are often unable to properly screen applicants. This is why many of their problems can be attributed. According to Robert Meier (President of Job Market Experts), 98% of job applicants are rejected at initial CV screening, and only 2% of those candidates get to interview. Moreover, 75% of job applicants aren’t qualified for the role.

It is no surprise that screening applicants from a large applicant pool are the most difficult part of recruitment. The best agencies will ensure that every candidate sent to them is a good fit for their role. Clients save time and hassle by ensuring that their pre-screening is thorough and efficient.

After-Placement Services

It’s wonderful when the right candidate is chosen for a job, but that is not the end. Things can still go wrong even after that point. Top agencies ensure that both clients and candidates are satisfied, even after placement. To ensure smooth onboarding, good recruiters will follow up with clients and candidates. They can also learn from mistakes made in the hiring process by staying in touch.

They Treat Their Consultants Well

Good recruitment agencies will give their consultants the best incentives and work/life balance to ensure they are happy. This happiness will be evident in their enthusiasm when approaching candidates.

A happy consultant is a sign of a great agency. They will look after their employees and you too if they do. is one of the Best Practice Recruitment Agency that provides services for business recruitment.

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