Top Tips for Planning a Large Custom Kitchen Countertop Project in Lima, OH

It is finally happening! You are building the kitchen of your dreams, and it will feature a huge countertop finished in granite or quartz. Is there anything special that you need to know before you start selecting all the countertop materials?

Big kitchens come with big challenges when choosing your stone slab. The experts at Legacy Marble & Granite in Findlay, OH offer up a few quick tips to make your selection process satisfying and smooth.

Will You Need One or Two Slabs to Complete Your Lima, OH Kitchen Countertops?

While the average slab of granite looks like it will provide enough stone to cover a moderately sized kitchen countertop, most modern designs demand the use of two slabs. Most slabs measure approximately 66 inches X 120 inches. But L-shaped countertops will eat up additional square footage for the angle. Once you add an island into the design, it is almost a given that you will require two or even three slabs to finish the job.

Making the Cut: Work with the Pros to Preserve the Beauty of Your Piece of Granite or Marble

So, you chose a piece of granite or quartzite as the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bath renovation. It has these lovely veins flowing across its surface and a dazzling inclusion right in the middle. You want that unique quality to stand out in the final design. But, your slab will have sections cut out for the sink or possibly the slide-in oven. Where will the angle be cut for the corner?

It is important to spend time with your qualified stone expert and discuss exactly where the robotic saw will make the cuts to preserve the unique nature of the slab.

Quartz Provides Consistent Appearance over Multiple Slabs

Your open-concept kitchen design may feature an endless expanse of creamy off-white or gray stone countertops. While marble is known for its consistent coloring, every piece is slightly different. You may not find two or three slabs that deliver the singular decor look that you have planned.

You may want to consider the use of quartz. As a man-made stone, it has the appearance of natural variations but in a more consistent color palette. Available in look-alike versions of granite, marble, and even soapstone, it offers you greater selection when hunting down the perfect piece of stone.

Mix and Match to Expand Your Quartz and Granite Options

One trending design option is the use of contrasting countertops for your island and regular workspaces. Imagine a medium gray granite lining the wall with a stark white marble or darkly dramatic soapstone taking center stage under the drop lights. You won’t need to worry about choosing multiple slabs that don’t quite match. Using a contrasting palette can also help to define social and cooking spaces without adding walls.

Go with Your Heart: Selecting that Special Stone will Make You Smile Every Morning

Finally, if you see a slab of quartzite or granite at the showroom that makes you itch to touch it that is likely the perfect choice for your countertops. You will spend hours every day cooking, eating, and cleaning around the stone. When it warms your heart just by looking at it, you will spend years savoring its beauty before you get the itch for the next remodel.

The stone experts at Legacy Marble & Granite encourage you to visit their showroom near Lima, OH to learn more about granite countertops and the fabrication and installation process. Spending a little extra time before you start ordering the other finishes for your large custom kitchen will result in countertops that you will love for years.

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