Top two honeymoon destinations in the world

honeymoon destinations

 There are some spectacular honeymoon locations in the world. With thousands of wedding destinations, the question is, what’s the best honeymoon place in India to visit?

 India’s land is full of wonders. There are a couple of romantic honeymoon spots in India. The honeymooners can prepare for a trip to heaven on earth like Maldives and Ladakh.

 We will talk about two most Pleasing romantic getaways in India. We will discuss searching for honeymoon places in India that the newlyweds can consider. 

Why head to Ladakh and Leh for your honeymoon

  Ladakh and Leh is one superb pick that you love to kick-start your unexplored life. Tucked away from the chaos and city lights, it is a spectacular destination with the ingredients needed for an unforgettable honeymoon.

 If you and your spouse are people who love adventure and thrills, Leh is the best place for you. It has an uneven terrain known for some fantastic treks as far as the natural beauty of Leh Ladakh goes. Although you cannot describe it in words, you can experience it. 

 The snow-wrapped mountains add to the beauty. Hence, it is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples. Isn’t beauty and serenity all that you want on your honeymoon trip?

 What is the most suitable moment to drive to Ladakh?  

 The best time to REACH  by bike or cab is in June. The days from mid-October to mid-September are the best to relish the stunning beauty of the topography of Ladakh and Leh.

The days of March are the most acceptable days to book Leh Ladakh Packages for a happening tour. During the days from November to August, it is a bit treacherous and unsafe to visit Ladakh as the monsoon and winter can take a toll.

If you want to visit Ladakh by bike, consider visiting in the months of summer. The summer season in Ladakh is characterized by cozy and comfortable weather. The plane Road with no blockage by landslide or snowfall.

  If you want to travel by road, try to avoid the monsoon and winter Seasons as it becomes quite tricky to move. Places in Ladakh like Nubra valley and Ponggong lake is open for tourist worldwide. 

As the Leh Manali track opens, the Rohtak pass, visit mid-October to mid-September by road. You will find the Road conditions better this time. 

 Since summer is the best time to visit Ladakh, tourist travel passes remain open, and the weather is quite crisp. By late April, the region experiences the melting of snow. 

  What are the sites to see in Ladakh?

When you visit Ladakh, don’t forget to visit the Pangong Tso Lake. It needs to be in the itinerary places to visit in Leh. on visiting the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh on your honeymoon, you can enjoy every moment of serenity and peace. The 12-story complex of Thiksey monastery has one of the most beautiful monasteries and tells you about the Buddhist statues, scriptures, and lifestyles. The Khardung pass is a gateway to the Shyok valley and Nubra Valley. 


 Is the Maldives your perfect honeymoon destination?

The Maldives is well known for being one of the top honeymoon destinations as it has a unique setting that makes it Paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  For most people, it is quite far and a relief from the  hectic life.  if you are seeking relief and time to rest, Maldives is the best place for you. If you are planning your honeymoon, you will find something  in the place that suits your desires and personality.

  Travel a bit to find a  remote place,  and you will have getting lost in a desert feeling.  When you think of peace and love, the Pristine beaches will strike your mind.

 What’s the best time to book Maldives packages? 

The Maldives remain warm and Sunny throughout the year, here the climate splits into dry and wet seasons.  If you want, you can visit in Spring,  and it’s the Ramadan season in the Maldives.  Holiday gets celebrated for about a month in Spring. It is a month of celebration, and restaurants offer  special meals on Iftar.  It is better to visit between October to June to spot the bioluminescence phenomenon in the water.  Flights to Male, Maldives capital, are cheapest in the late fall and winter seasons. But,  it will vary depending on where you are flying from.  If you want the best deals on Maldives Packages, it is better to visit the Maldives in the wet season.

 How can one reach Ladakh?

Take a flight from Delhi to reach Leh can get to enjoy the aerial view of the snow-capped mountains. The picturesque flight from Delhi to Leh will take you one and half hours.  The official name of the airport is  Rimpochee airport which is about  3500 m from sea level.

 Places for sightseeing in the Maldives 

 The capital of Maldives remains less frequently visited, but it gets crammed into a pint-size islet.  It manages to fit in some fascinating sites between the streets, such as the  Islamic Centre and Friday mosque of the 17th century.   The male market is another place to visit when you are in the Maldives to ensure your haggling skills are up to scratch.  The island of HulhuMel Keeps growing and evolving, and it houses the city tendrils.   Indeed, it’s a charming place.

 It has got an artificial Island and leafy neighborhoods.  Maafushi in the Maldives may not have 5-star hotels like other islands,  but it has got plenty of charm. 

 Since the tsunami in 2004, the place has been busily reframing some of the industrious sailor huts of the last century.    Indeed, you can expect to see some gorgeous beaches that come with lapping waves and coffee shops on the shore. 

 How to move to the Maldives? 

The best way to travel to the Maldives is through the terminals in Delhi, Kochi, and Mumbai.  It takes about 7 to 11 hours to reach the capital of Maldives from the Indian terminals.

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