Types of PPE Disposable Gloves & Which Ones Are Best for You

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PPE disposable gloves aim to prevent your hands from coming into contact with harmful contagions or chemicals. With the hands being the number one source of causing infection (primarily when the hands come into contact with a contagion and then touch the mouth/nose), offering a way to prevent this contact can be very beneficial for keeping employees safe.

The hands are also the first part of the body likely to be exposed to dangerous chemicals, further emphasizing the need for disposable gloves within certain industries. 

How Do Disposable Gloves Offer Protection?

Although increasing in popularity due to their ability to offer protection during the pandemic, disposable gloves are also used in many industries, including the healthcare industry, salons, the food industry, and other industries where work with chemicals occurs.

Disposable gloves are primarily used to protect against contagions, but other industries use disposable gloves to protect the user from chemical contact and the company’s needs impact which type of glove would be best. For example, food service industries do not require as much protection and typically use the cheaper and looser fitting vinyl glove, while latex or nitrile gloves are more suitable for the medical industry where increased durability is needed.

Types Of Disposable Gloves Available

When purchasing PPE gloves for the workplace, it is vital to consider the different offerings to choose the most effective option for the employees. The primary difference in the types of gloves is the material used to make the glove, which impacts its comfort and durability.

Latex Gloves

Of all the PPE glove options, latex gloves are the most comfortable and best-fitting. Their increased comfort is because of how much they stretch, and in addition, they offer a moderate amount of durability. However, the biggest downside of latex gloves is that some people may be allergic to latex, which would keep them from using these gloves.

Because of latex allergies, it is strongly recommended to offer other glove types in addition to latex gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

Compared to latex gloves, nitrile gloves are more durable and have a higher puncture resistance. However, this increased durability comes at the sacrifice of flexibility and comfort. Typically, nitrile gloves are more challenging to put on than latex gloves, and because they are not as stretchy, they can be uncomfortable to keep on for extended periods of time.

One of the significant benefits of nitrile gloves, though, is that they do not contain latex and are safe for those with a latex allergy.

The increased durability of nitrile gloves also means that they are typically the most expensive glove option.

Vinyl Gloves

Of all the glove types, vinyl gloves are the loosest fitting, making movement while using them relatively easy. Vinyl gloves are also a good latex alternative for those with latex allergies and are also the cheapest glove option to buy in bulk.

How To Get Bulk Prices on PPE Gloves

For those buying PPE gloves for the workplace, the best option is to purchase them in bulk because you then receive the bulk or wholesale price. This ensures enough gloves for all employees and is also more cost-effective than purchasing smaller orders of gloves. For industries where disposable gloves are frequently used, buying them in bulk is typically the smartest business choice. 

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