Tzvi Odzer, CEO of YBT Industries Supports Agencies that Hire People With Disabilities

Tzvi Odzer, the CEO of YBT industries of Henderson, New York. He is in the business of the distribution industry for more than 30 years. Tzvi Odzer a self-made businessman, started his first company at the age of 18. He started the company without their parent’s support. In the Year 2000, he won the title of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in the distribution industry. At this time Tzvi Odzer learned that everyone should give a chance to grow equally.

With their long experience in the area of distribution, Tzvi Odzer made a plan to offer employment to disabled persons. He started to achieve this objective by supporting work agencies that hired disabled people and train them to do jobs perfectly. All size companies that hired disabled people learned that the disabled people worked well and were equally beneficial for employers and employees. Check out the top benefits of having the services of disabled employees.

Disable People are more consistent and reliable employees

As per a research report done by the Chicago Lighthouse, the retention rate of disabled employees is more than that of disabled employees. It was 107 years as compared to without disabled staff 0.9 years. As per the Chicago Lighthouse report, disabled employees take fewer sick or absents days and do their work with dedication.

Disable people are a more capable employee

Tzvi Odzer and his team approved that disabled employees are more capable as compared to other staff. It’s a common myth in society and among employers that people with disabilities cannot perform the job perfectly as compared to the other and the recruitment companies or HR managers refuse to hire in the first stage of the hiring process. With the efforts of Tzvi Odzer agencies, this myth prove to be wrong and companies started to hire disabled employees even in the high position.

Disable Employees make the workplace diversify

The years of business experience enable Tzvi Ozder to say that employees with some disabilities have the ability to diversify the workplace and can do tasks in different and innovative ways. Having the disabled staff in the team also boosts up the morale of other employees and they start to do their work in a more committed way. The wrong perception about the disabled employee’s abilities to work is cleared now and companies are trusting the disabled people’s abilities to do work and hiring on different stages.

All these reasons proved that we should give equal importance to everyone to grow in the personal and professional life. Tzvi Odzer helps an organization to support and hire disabled people in their company and give them a fair chance to prove their skills, hands-on experience, and knowledge. Everyone should create awareness in the society and business community.

Aside from these good works for disabled people, Tzvi Odzer is a big supporter of the AHRC Foundation, Jews and Non –Jewish cases, Bris Avrohom, and Arab/Jewish business cooperation. During vocations, Tzvi Odzen likes to spend time with his seven children and eight grandchildren.

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