Uncovering Spokane’s Real Estate Market

Spokane's Real Estate Market

One of the best places to live in the United States is Spokane, Washington. With a diverse economy and excellent public transport links, the city’s property market is booming.

On this page, we will explore why this beautiful city in eastern Washington is such a desirable place to live, work, and play. We will begin by looking at the property market before moving on to the city’s attractions and infrastructure.

Top-Notch Schools and Excellent Education

Spokane is home to one of the best public universities in the country, the University of Washington. Attracting students from all over the world, the university sponsors a variety of courses and offers degrees in a range of subjects from business to law and nursing. With a world-class reputation and excellent teaching, the city’s schools are among the best in the country.

As well as being a hub of higher education, Spokane is also home to several respected and fairly large private universities, including Gonzaga and St. Francis Xavier. These institutions pride themselves on their teaching and research and attract students to the area.

Job Opportunities and Development

With plenty of high-quality universities, technical schools, and other tertiary institutions, it is no surprise that Spokane is home to a significant number of job opportunities. Traveling to the region’s many businesses from around the globe, employers often seek to hire fresh graduates who can develop expertise in specific fields.

Although traditional engineering and science-related jobs remain popular, a range of careers is available in the city, including finance, marketing, real estate, law, and education. With excellent universities and a skilled workforce, it is no surprise that Spokane is seen as a desirable place to live and work. This is reflected in the fact that the city experienced a jump in popularity on the internet real estate listing platform, HomeAway, this year. According to their data, searches for ‘Spokane houses for sale’ jumped 29% year-on-year in March

The region’s thriving economy also provides plenty of opportunities for development. Spokane is located within Washington state, which is now attracting investment from around the world. Some of the businesses moving to the city include a large Apple Store, which was officially opened by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, in August 2018, and a Tesla store. These businesses are emblematic of the growing importance and popularity of online shopping.

Luxury Retreats

Tourists are also flocking to the city’s hotels and vacation homes to eat, sleep, and play. In fact, according to Visit Spokane, the city’s tourism industry witnessed an increase in visitors and accommodations last year. This is a trend that city officials are keen to promote as a way to attract more people to the area.

There are various luxurious retreats available for visitors and residents alike. The city’s riverside is a popular place for people seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The International Garden Inn at Riverfront Park is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area and offers guests a tranquil environment with picturesque views of Spokane Falls. Other attractions and infrastructure that provide for a more urban retreat-like experience include the Spokane Arena and the Washington Aquarium. The region’s temperate rainforest also offers a unique opportunity for forest bathing, reducing chronic stress and promoting relaxation.

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