Utah Based Business Entrepreneur Shawn Finnegan Unveils His Winner’s Business Philosophy

Shawn Finnegan (a serial entrepreneur, with a keen eye for building entrepreneurial success, and a leader in business innovation), recently shared his business philosophy.

Shawn Finnegan gave a positive, relationship-focused perspective on business. He shared how this outlook helped him succeed in his many entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurial success depends on people more than systems or processes.

Shawn claims that CEOs, founders, and other leaders are embracing each other to form genuine relationships. The following three principles were the foundation of his positive business philosophy:

Respecting people

Shawn was taught early that success does not require him to be the center of everything. Shawn developed his entrepreneurial skills by realizing early that people should be at the heart of everything. He shared how caring for his teams, helping them to grow their skills, as well as helping them to provide exceptional customer services, have all paid dividends. These are the things that helped him rise to the many challenges of growing and starting a business.

“People should feel valued and respected. I founded all my businesses, as well the people who work with me (colleagues and customers). They are treated like the unique, valuable individuals that they are. “

Treating Customers Like Assets

Shawn claims that customer service is a dying art in the U.S. Instead of opting for the easier route, he spoke out about his commitment to making himself available to his team and being approachable. This includes making sure clients feel comfortable enough with him to be able to approach him as a mentor, trusted advisor, and mentor. They also know that he will appreciate their contributions and respect them.

“I believe in respecting people and working with them to help them succeed in their job. I can be relied upon to help them align and realize their goals for career advancement and how they can best serve customers. “

Relationship Building to Reduce Turnover

Shawn said that entrepreneurs should reduce turnover and address any issues that may arise. This is achieved by emphasizing your commitment to the employees and creating respect for customers.

“Respecting people is the priority in every business relationship. “

Shawn Finnegan

Shawn Finnegan a serial entrepreneur has years of experience in business thanks to his trusted formula that creates a relationship-focused enterprise. His views on this topic are an outgrowth of his belief about the value of people in all aspects. Shawn has been a leader in this industry for many years and he’ll likely continue to be.

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