Vinyl Picket Fences And Vinyl Wall Toppers

Vinyl Picket Fence

A vinyle picket fence creates a beautiful yard barrier. When it’s constructed of vinyl, you can expect a long-lasting, low-maintenance border. The majority of pre-assembled vinyl fencing is made out of interlocking sections that snap together quickly. The most crucial aspect of the installation is precise measuring to ensure a straight layout and secure footing. Call your local utility company to check for subsurface cables or pipes before you start digging. To learn more about property line setbacks, contact your local building code department. Many localities demand a setback from the front property line of 6 inches to 6 feet.

  • Hammer a stake on each end about where the gate post will stand, if applicable, to mark out any gate openings. Along the perimeter fence line, measure 8 feet out from each post and pound a stake into the ground. If your fence won’t have a gate, measure 8 feet away from the open end of the corner of the fence line and hammer a stake. Continue measuring and hammering stakes every 8 feet along the fence line. The fence posts are marked by these stakes.
  • At each stake, dig a hole. At least a third of the height of your post should be filled with holes. Dig a hole 12 inches deep if your fence post will stand 36 inches tall from the ground. The overall height of your posts will be 48 inches, with 12 inches below and 36 inches above the ground.
  • To ensure good drainage, fill each hole with roughly 6 inches of gravel.

Vinyl Wall Toppers

Vinyl Wall Topper Fences are unlike any other gates in the industry. Repair, wood replacement, scraping, sanding, caulking, and painting are all tasks that are no longer necessary. Vinyl Wall Topper Fences are designed to survive the elements of wind, sun, and snow with minimal damage. Year after year, a quick rinse with the outdoor hose will keep them looking great.

The components of Vinyl Walltopper Fences are engineered to attach simply, eliminating the need for obtrusive bolts and screws. The Vinyl Wall Topper Fences kit comes with detailed instructions and pre-cut components that are ready to build. Simple hand tools are all you’ll need to install your Vinyl Wall Topper Fences. Even the most inexperienced handyman may get professional results. Our largest units may be erected by just two people due to the lightweight and easy-to-handle structural elements. The majority of our Vinyl Fencing can be put in less than a day, making it a great weekend job.

Why You Should Buy Wall Toppers

Wall toppers are an optional addition to your fence or wall that adds a variety of benefits to your existing construction. Wall toppers are an excellent choice for adding an interesting aesthetic to your fence, whether you want to enjoy wall topper privacy or simply want to add a unique aesthetic to your fence. Keep the following advantages in mind if you’re thinking of installing wall toppers in your home.

  • Wall toppers increase privacy
  • Wall toppers provide pet protection
  • Wall toppers enhance security
  • Wall toppers create visual interest
  • Wall toppers add property value

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