Ways Yoga Helps You with Anxiety


One out of every four Americans will experience anxiety at some point in their life. Panic attacks, which are acute panic feelings that come suddenly, are sometimes linked to such diseases. A panic episode is marked by a racing heart, profuse sweating, disorientation, and shallow breathing.

Living with anxiety and panic attacks is difficult, but there are a variety of techniques that can help relieve symptoms. Yoga is a great way to reduce anxiety (and stress). It is clear to lovers of this sport that yoga strengthens the body and mind. But yoga also seems to have a therapeutic effect. At least, that’s what a study on anxiety disorders suggests.

It’s about Kundalini Yoga 

In particular, this variant, popular in Western countries, combines physical and mental exercises – and has a more significant influence on the psyche than expected or probably even longed for. 

A study now shows that yoga alleviates generalized anxiety disorders more often than lectures on stress management. However, cognitive-behavioral therapy still has a more lasting and more potent effect. Nevertheless, yoga as a therapy adjunct could support anxiety patients long-term.

Yoga for generalized anxiety disorders 

You probably first think of panic attacks and frightened people who rarely leave the house when feeling anxiety disorders, but a generalized anxiety disorder is far more common than most people think. In the past few decades, the number of diagnosed generalized anxiety disorders in Western countries has risen significantly. And yet the number of unreported cases will probably be even higher because very few patients seek medical help. 

Either because they downplay their problems, don’t want to show themselves “naked” and are ashamed, or because the psychiatric care capacities are still low, especially in rural areas, or because therapists are fully booked well in advance, especially in cities.

Because yoga classes are much easier to find than psychologists and psychiatrists due to the sport’s growing popularity. Yoga can also be easily practiced at home after instruction by professionals in rural areas.

Yoga: Meditation rather than acrobatics

Anyone who fears contorting themselves and being forced to perform at their best is wrong. Yoga is incredibly diverse, and the focus is primarily on the meditative component. In addition to strengthening the body from the center, it is intended mainly to relax the mind and allow it to become more mindful. This works primarily through targeted breathing exercises and focusing on specific areas of the body and mind.

This can also help reduce anxiety. Previous studies had pointed this out. However, these were not as clear as the new study results and the analysis that has now been carried out. “Generalized Anxiety – A Treatment Evaluation” was intended to show which types of treatment make sense. For this purpose, 230 adults took part in the study in which a generalized anxiety disorder had been diagnosed according to a specific diagnostic manual.

There were three groups randomly assigned: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Kundalini yoga, and lectures on the causes and effects of stress were the possible types of treatment. The latter type, the lectures, showed the most negligible impact.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is still best – but yoga can help.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy performs best, also because it is most likely to achieve long-term success. However, the study still sees the yoga exercises as a success, even if they did not show the same lasting effect as behavioral therapy. Many patients cannot be treated, as already mentioned. They do not dare to seek treatment. Therefore, yoga is a therapy option for those affected by anxiety disorders, which can certainly help.


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