Web UI Design For Software Developer – No Design Skills Needed

The wireframing and design process of a website is usually done by a team of designers with the help of their software developer counterparts. This will make sure that you’re producing the best web UI design that lays the solid foundations for the following tasks.

But sometimes, you could be an individual programmer who is working alone on your projects, in which case having a design team will not be an option.

That being said, the following instructions on web UI design for software developer will surely come in handy if you’re looking for good design principles to approach and handle your work.

Web design principles for software developers

Here are the design principles for software developers

Most of the time, software developers will not have the skills and understanding it takes to come up with the best designs. However, by following the given principles and tips, you can aim toward creating a decent design for your webpages that’s at least intuitive and functional.

Always stick to the basic

As a beginner, you should avoid complex design ideas and instead concentrate on simple design works that use only basic elements.Most of the time, the best UI designs are ones that look almost unnoticeable to the visitors, as they allow them to solely focus on the main content.

Non-designers are always tempted to give everything they’ve got into one single design, just to make sure that they are giving their best. However, this usually counteracts your initial purposes and causes the designs to look confusing with their needless components.

Always try to provide users with the simplest, but not plainest, interfaces so they can enjoy their on-screen experiences.

Maintain good consistency

Maintain a good consistency on your designs - source: Behance

Maintain good consistency in your designs

Being consistent with your designs will make sure that the webpages are more intuitive and interactive. As the visitors get familiar with the landing pages, you wouldn’t want to bother them with the inconsistent inner pages, which come with completely new design languages.

By using the same design elements and approaches, you can make sure that users are able to comfortably interact with your webpages and enjoy their good experiences on your sites.

Learn to structure elements on webpages

Along with keeping the common designs, you’ll need to consider the structures of elements in your web UI design for software developer. Here, it’s important to understand the compositions and layouts of your webpages so you can deliver engaging and intuitive work without fail.

Learn to adjust the spacing of items, their designs in relation to other components, and how you structure each element on the pages. Use certain items and vary their elements to draw or direct the viewer’s attention.

All of these will help you improve the readability and intuitiveness of certain pages, which will allow you to work on delivering the most comprehensive web compositions.

Learn to use colors

As non-designers, you might not know how to use colors, but you can still feel the differences between each color profile on your web pages.

The efficient use of colors will improve your work

The general guideline for modern web UI design for software developer is to always avoid using too much of the warm color palettes, so you won’t scare your visitors away. Of course, there are cases when warm colors are preferred, but for most web interfaces, the cool color palette is more recommended.

And if you have time, make sure to learn the uses of different color profiles and combinations, so you can create excitement, direct attention, and improve users’ experiences with different colors, contrasts, lighting, textures, and more.

Improve your uses of texts

Similar to colors and page layout, text plays an important role in capturing the users’ attention and maintaining their interests. Make sure to always use the right types of text with the proper sizes, fonts, and positioning, so you can improve their readability, intuitiveness, and the page’s authenticity.

Have the responsive and adaptive UI

As developers, you’ll know the exact limits of your webpages and be able to offer high-fidelity web designs with interactive and responsive elements.

Always feature a responsive and adaptive web UI 

So, make sure to always consider the various UI elements that will allow you to better communicate with and improve users’ experiences when interacting with the website.

At the same time, don’t forget to always work on optimizing the web UI and users’ interactions, so you can have the best web UI designs.

Mastering all the principles will give you a good understanding of the design processes. However, you still lack the tools and editing assets to make your designs stand out. Not to mention that not everyone can fully comprehend the different design principles.

How to make your job easier?

So how can you improve the quality of your work without getting better at designing? The answer is quite simple. You can now work with Visily to enable your web UI design for software developers.

Users can quickly and easily realize their many web ideas with the app and web design software, without having to work through their limited design skills.This will eliminate most of the struggles most people have when approaching their UI design tasks.

Use Visily to make your jobs easier

Make use of the simple and intuitive design tool to immediately turn any images or sketches of web pages into high-fidelity mockups, which you can comfortably adjust and interact with.

Also have the AI assistant be available from start to finish, as it provides you with valuable insights and informative instructions on how to improve your current web UI design for software developer.

To improve the quality of your designs, you can freely work with the many page themes and templates in Visily, each providing you with unique designs for your creative work.

And for those of you who are interested, you can now get the free version of the software with its complete features being available. Simply sign up without having to enter your payment information and you can start using the fully-featured UI design tool.


The design job is difficult for software developers, since not many of you know or have a good understanding of the design concepts. So, make sure to pick up and master the given principles to improve your proficiency in designing.

And if you are looking for ways to produce better web UI designs for software developers with your current skills, then Visily is a great UI design tool that you can also get for free.

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