Website performance and how to prevent its decline

Website performance

Today there are a huge number of websites, and every second this number is growing. All sites differ in their functionality, tasks, purpose and other technical and not only technical characteristics. Of course, any classification is to some extent arbitrary, as websites of seemingly different types can often have some similarity. Moreover, in practice it is often possible to meet united web sites.

Different types of sites differ from each other not only in their functionality. Often they also differ in the complexity of maintenance. In this case, the more complex the web site, the more difficult its maintenance for the webmaster. However, this is not always the case. For example, even a simple e-store website is harder to monitor and maintain than a complicated complex forum. Although the latter is rather an exception that confirms the rule.

Main indicators to monitor website performance 

Website monitoring is extremely important because it allows the website owner or webmaster to ensure all the functionality of the website. And website functionality is impossible without constant availability, high performance (speed of page and content loading) and correct operation of all functions. This is extremely important for any project, especially for business, regardless of its focus. After all, it involves a wide range of subtasks:

  • Activity and loading rate. A good indicator of whether your advertising campaign is helping to attract more visitors. This indicator is usually called page load speed, and it means that the faster your website loads, the better your site is doing.
  • Website response time. A very important metric to deal with. That’s because web site response times can slow down with higher loads. For example, if your company gets a sudden spike in visitors, you can respond quickly and fix the problem before you get any complaints.
  • Website availability (uptime). The most important performance metric. Essentially, it’s the percentage of time your web site is up and available to visitors. If your site is regularly down for long periods of time, frustrated visitors will begin to lose interest in your company. On the other hand, if your website is up 99% of the time, it means that it has never been idle except for server maintenance.

If the webmaster has to monitor complex and multi-component web sites, there will be much more indicators to work with. This will depend on the functionality – from database monitoring to server hardware monitoring. Accordingly, the usual methods will not work, and there will be a need for more sophisticated tools. Because all of the above procedures will already take a lot of time and effort for webmasters. 

Pros of automated website monitoring

Most webmasters usually use various special programs to monitor websites. However, they often lack information and will likely never know exactly what happened at any given time. In addition, to find out the problem, the webmaster has to look through logs, write to the hosting support team, and perform many other tedious and often unsuccessful actions.

However, there is an effective solution for all of the above: automating website monitoring. And one of the best among such automated solutions, HostTracker, can do it all in a few clicks. Website performance monitoring service allows users check site availability test on Host-Tracker using a lot of tools automatically. And with its capabilities it is easy to set up multiple monitoring routines that will run 24/7 without stopping. All you have to do is register and set up everything you need. And it will all be done automatically, without time-consuming manual work. 

This toolkit includes a huge number of different checks and tests. From simple availability diagnostics to server-side stability testing. It even includes various database and content integrity checks and tests. You can try some of the available manual checks at without even registering. The system runs tests from all over the world, which allows you to pinpoint the causes of problems.

And when a problem occurs, the system indicates the source of the problem itself. Moreover, HostTracker’s instant website monitoring alert system will instantly send a message to the webmaster or website owner. This way, the webmaster doesn’t have to spend days and nights without sleep to monitor the stability of a web site. Moreover, the system can be easily configured to send a minimum number of fake alerts to webmasters or site owners.

How to fix website traffic issues

Situations often arise when the webmaster discovers that the site’s performance drops sharply with the influx of users. In such cases, the average user’s website does not open, hangs up or slows down. All this – the result of a heavy load, the traffic on the web site, for which the resource has not been prepared. After all, it often happens when marketers unintentionally arrange DDoS on their site for money from their own advertising budget. And without warning the technical staff about the launch of the advertising campaign.

As a near perfect solution to such a problem, a webmaster can arrange for temporary scaling of computing power. This is easily done by creating a backup server in cloud hosting. The main thing is to be able to change the characteristics of this server at any time if necessary. All data (code, database, files) are replicated to this backup server, and web servers and other software are configured there so that the entire project can be launched correctly.

If the webmaster has such a backup, his situation in case of loads will be easier than ever. During large loads, the capacity of the backup server is increased to the right scale and all traffic is switched to it. In the low season, the data is synchronized back to the physical server, the traffic is switched back and the characteristics of the backup server are reduced.

The advantage of this solution, besides monetary savings, is that from the development side it is almost never necessary to prepare the project for such a scheme. At any given time, the project runs from only one server, which makes support much easier. 

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