What are Explainer Videos and How to Create Them?

explainer Videos

With competition increasing every day in almost every field, it has become essential to change the ways one promotes their business. If you want to last long in this race of competition, it’s vital that you plan and carry out marketing strategies accordingly. One such new marketing strategy that is really prominent among brands these days is creating explainer videos. This article is all about what exactly explainer videos are and how you can create them.

What are explainer videos?

Let’s quickly talk about what are explainer videos. The keyword here is “explain”, suggesting that explainer videos are used to communicate with the target audience. Explainer videos communicate with the audience regarding the product or service being offered. Explainer videos are not just about the product but also the problem it aims to solve and the approach being used to solve the problem. 

Creating Explainer Videos

Let’s finally talk about how you can create these explainer videos and use them to your benefit. Creating explainer videos is majorly about covering five basic points in the video:

  1. Problem: At the very start of the video, you must explain the problem statement. Once we successfully explain the problem to the audience, they get an even better idea of our product or service.
  2. Solution: This is where you introduce your product or service. The essential features of the product are explained in this segment.
  3. Working: Once the solution is introduced and the audience gets familiar with the product or the service, it is expected to explain the working of your product. 
  4. Benefits: Next comes convincing the audience to buy your product or service by listing its benefits. 
  5. Call to action: Explain the reasons why it is important to take the next step. 

Online Tools to Create Explainer Videos

If you want to create explainer videos independently, then don’t worry, as there are tons of online tools that can help you to do so. 


Synthesia is an online tool that you can use to create top-notch explainer videos for your business. You’d be delighted to know that Synthesia is very user-friendly. Even if you have no prior experience in creating or editing videos, you’ll still find it very easy to use this online tool. Synthesia is AI-based and creates an AI video in just a couple of minutes. 


Another tool to create explainer videos is Videoscribe. Videoscribe provides users with hundreds of professional templates to choose from. It is all about dragging and dropping elements which makes it very easy to make explainer videos using VideoScribe. 

Explainer Video Production Company

However, if you are really serious about this whole explainer video production thing, then we’d suggest you go with an explainer video production company. Explainer video production companies take up the heavy responsibility of creating top-notch quality and in-depth explainer videos that will represent your brand, its products and services in the best way. 

In India, there are a lot of explainer video production companies that you can choose to work with:

Chitralekha Studios 

The best company to work with at the moment to create an explainer video is Chitralekha Studios, based in Hyderabad. Chitralekha Studios pay extra attention to the branding of the product and the services, ultimately engaging a large audience and increasing the sales of the product or the service targeted. Their approach to video production is a blend of strategy, creativity, and technology.

Rankon Technologies 

Another well-known company for creating professional explainer videos is Rankon Technologies. The services offered by Rankon technologies range from explainer videos to various corporate videos and much more engaging content that is meant to entertain the audience. Their services are SEO-based, which increases your brand engagement quite efficiently. 

Village Talkies

If you are looking for 100% customised videos for your business, then Village Talkies is going to do the job for you. Nothing about the explainer videos created by Village Talkies is ever repetitive. Every video is unique and distinguished yet phenomenal. 

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