What Are Some Reasons To Contest A Divorce And Why Do Couples Avoid It?

Reasons To Contest A Divorce

When separating couples cannot agree to the arrangement of their divorce, it is a contested divorce. Contested divorce cases require a judge to decide for the divorcing couple or ask for mediation to help them resolve their disagreements. Contested divorces are the most time-consuming and most expensive types of divorce cases.

Because of its expensive and overwhelmingly exhausting nature, separating couples tend to avoid it and try their best to go for an uncontested divorce. This article will talk about some of the reasons why separating couples may want to avoid a contested divorce. Head over to this website to learn more about what contested divorce entails.

Why Couples Avoid Contested Divorces?

Contested divorces tend to be expensive because of the lengthy process. When separating couples cannot make a unanimous agreement on their divorce arrangement, the case goes to a judge. Both parties are typically advised to hire lawyers to help them navigate through the process because it takes months to gather sustainable evidence and negotiate. 

There are also several court hearings during the entire process. Then, the process gradually leads to being scheduled for a trial, which again takes up a lot of weeks. Then, the judge takes some time to make a final decision. This entire process is incredibly time-consuming and exhausting for the involved parties. This becomes one of the major reasons for separating couples to avoid contested divorces.

Divorce case costs range from $15,000 to $20,000 on average. But, if it is a case of a highly contested divorce, the costs can skyrocket to a whopping $50,000. This can easily lead to people not wanting to go for this approach to avoid losing out on so much money.

In addition, divorce cases are known to be time-exhausting. They can even last for years. This means spouses have to spend time away from their families during their hearings, which can be multiple times a year, and that can take a toll on their mental well-being significantly. Their time away also affects their work, resulting in lesser earnings.

All of these factors combined could easily intimidate couples already going through a difficult situation of being separated from each other for personal reasons. This is why many divorce cases eventually close with settlements after being proposed as contested.

Reasons to Contest a Divorce

Several reasons could lead to a contested divorce.

  • Division of marital assets
  • Spousal support
  • Child support and custody
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Grounds
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