What are the benefits of using modern survey equipment over old techniques?

What are the benefits of using modern survey equipment over old techniques?

Despite their similarities, modern survey equipment differs from classic survey methods. For one, they are much lighter and require less manpower. Classic survey equipment is bulkier and requires many people to operate. Because of this, modern equipment is more convenient to use. The same can be said for the cost. The cost is less than the value of the accuracy gained, but the efficiency and accuracy of surveying processes are higher with modern methods.


The most obvious benefit is accuracy. In the past, construction workers used outdated methods, but modern survey equipment can get a signal from space to make a centimeter-level measurement. A surveyor can then use this information to prove that the work is accurate and meets industry standards. But the cost of using modern equipment is high, and the benefits are well worth the costs.

Modern survey equipment is Lightweight and portable

Modern survey equipment is lightweight and easy to move. An optical instrument, the total station combines the functions of a theodolite and an electronic distance meter. Its accuracy makes it one of the most advanced tools in the field, and it is also useful for measuring angles in difficult-to-reach locations. Moreover, a total station is more accurate than any other method for modeling spaces, and it saves time and money and enables accurate measurements.

The main advantages of modern survey equipment over old techniques are its accuracy, mobility, and ease of use. They are also easier to operate and can be easily attached to drones, allowing for remote operations. In contrast, classic survey equipment is bulky, cumbersome, and requires more manpower. Most of the instruments use GPS technology, which gives the surveyors a better view of their target area. 

Another advantage of modern survey equipment is its reliability. It doesn’t require the use of multiple people, which is crucial for quality work. A single mistake could result in inaccurate results. In the past, surveyors would have to employ an entire crew to accomplish a job, which added to their costs. Fortunately, modern survey equipment does away with this requirement, meaning fewer employees, less insurance, and lower labor costs.

More compact and lighter

There are many benefits of using modern survey equipment over traditional techniques. For example, modern instruments are more compact and lighter, making them easier to operate and more convenient to use. Traditional methods are much bulkier and require a larger team of people. In addition, some modern instruments can even be attached to drones for remote surveying. Modern survey equipment can also provide more accurate measurements than old-fashioned techniques.

Quickly collect large amounts of data.

Another benefit of modern surveying equipment is the speed of data collection. These instruments can quickly collect large amounts of data, known as a point cloud. Point clouds can be interpreted with software like CAD, geographic information systems, and building information modeling. On the other hand, traditional methods can take weeks or even months to complete a project.

Accuracy of data

Another advantage of modern survey equipment over old techniques is accuracy. A surveyor can ensure that the results are accurate by calibrating their instruments and using a reference network that is consistent and standardized. Repeated measurements can also be used to eliminate errors and discarded in cases of outlier results. Furthermore, independent checks can detect errors early on in the survey. So, using modern equipment for land surveying is a wise decision.


Modern survey equipment requires less manpower to use. And, because these methods are scalable, they can be used on a large scale. Check some modern survey equipment and discover the large selection of used surveying equipment here.

Increased productivity

Surveyors don’t need to hire as many employees by using modern equipment and thus save money. Reducing manpower allows survey companies to spend more on projects and better equipment.

Distance measurements were also previously measured with different methods. Traditional methods used measuring tapes and chains, which are often not level. Then, in the 1950s, Dr. Trevor Lloyd Wadley developed a device called the Tellurometer. This device uses two microwave transmitters and receivers to measure long distances accurately. Modern technology has also made it possible to use electronic distance measuring equipment. These modern tools make it possible to measure distances without using any chains.

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