What are the Cheapest Flights to Bangkok?


While traveling abroad, a lot of budgeting is required. Everything from accommodation to food and shopping adds up and becomes a huge expense. But to travel the world and fulfill those travel fantasies, one must always be very mindful of their approach. Budgeting obviously plays a very crucial part in the same unless you are some multi-billionaire. 

The most important thing one can save on while traveling abroad is the flight tickets, yet it’s the most difficult too. You can reach the place and restrict your expenses by opting for public transport, eating at a street shaft, or maybe by just opting for a 3-star hotel or a hostel. But the huge chunk of money that you can save by playing strategically when booking these tickets is actually what’s most essential. 

Today, we will discuss about how you can do the same. And plan a pocket-friendly trip to Bangkok, Thailand. 

Let’s go ahead and discuss the same now, shall we? 

Tips to get yourself a cheap flight to Bangkok

1. Plan your trip ahead of time

This is the most common tip any traveler or expert can give you, and it works like magic most of the time. Planning your trip months ahead and booking the tickets will save you a huge chunk of money. An average flight to Bangkok is some $1500, but if you are strategic in your way, you can save some good 20-30% in the same. Luck plays a huge part, but that will only work if you play smart. You should book your flight a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

While that’s one way of doing the same, some people who can take the last-minute pressure prefer doing the same then. It is believed that airlines usually cut prices down when it’s about that time, and people can avail best offers at that time. But this game might get a little too risky for some people. 

2. The timing needs to be right. 

Many people like experimenting with their bookings, and those who have done it before suggest that opting for off-timings always works for them to get their hands on a cheap flight. The off-timing, however, can be different for different people. But to be precise, if you can wake up a little early or sleep a little late, those flights can cost you a lot cheaper than the ones during the day. Moreover, it is also believed that the prices of these fall during weekends, and scheduling the same during weekdays is also very low and beneficial. 

If you have a few days off before the scheduled take-off, you can also just keep checking the flight tickets and rebook for a cheaper deal if you find one. It might require you to be a little attentive on your part, but if you want to save your hard-earned money, then you have to put in the work. 

3. Never book without comparison. 

The trick to getting the best deal is taking advantage of the market’s competition. Since none of these airlines enjoy any monopoly in the same, they try to lower their rates whenever they feel it is required to attract more clients and stay in the competition. You can leverage this tussle if you stay updated on the packages that different and reliable airlines are offering. 

Moreover, it’s quite easy to do these days with so many online portals helping you out in the same. All you have to do is Google and then enter your details. In seconds you’ll be able to compare each package and airline fare, and you can choose the one that suits your pocket and requirements the best. 

4. Leverage social media 

These days the fastest means of getting information about any subject is social media. The news flourishes there faster than on any other news channel, and thus it’s best to stay updated there. You can follow the Twitter account of people who share tips on getting cheaper flights and affordable travel and, just like that, get the required information just in time. 

5. Try an agency

Many people who are beginners or just underconfident of the information they have might wonder if they are doing everything right or not and how they are supposed to proceed with all of it. For such people, it is best to find a reliable agency and get things done by them. You can tell them you are looking for a cheap option, and they will surely provide you with the best options and get the procedure done for you. Don’t worry about the extra commission; you can pay that to them out of the money you saved on the tickets and get it done your way. 

6. offers/discounts 

If you are a regular traveler, you might have earned airline points, discounts, or offers. Leveraging them on your next trip is the best way to save even more money on flights. If you don’t have the same, you can surely ask your family or friends who you think travel often. Airlines, as a part of their loyalty program, offer several discounts and offers to their loyal customers, and more often than ever, these are transferable to friends and family too. So if you are lucky enough to have a friend who travels quite often and is willing to help you out, it’s never a wrong thing to ask, right? 

7. Travel during off-season 

As we talked about timing earlier, we need o mention how traveling off-season can also be a game changer for you. A very simple principle of economics says the higher the demand, the higher the price of that particular commodity or service. Thus, during peak season and holiday season, the prices of these tickets rise like everything else. So prefer to travel when the tourist season is off in those countries and if not atleast book the tickets prior so you can save money. 

Hopefully, we helped you in this process. We have tried to list down all known and tested tricks one can use to get a cheap flight; we hope it helps you, too, like it has helped many others. 

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  1. Many people like to try different things when they book, and those who have done it before say that choosing off-times is the best way to get a cheap flight. The off-time, on the other hand, can be different for each person. But to be more specific, if you can get up a little early or stay up a little late, those flights can be a lot cheaper than the ones during the day. People also think that the prices of these things go down on the weekends and that booking the same things during the week is also very cheap and helpful.

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