What Are The Differences Between Standard Fit And Asian-Fit Eyeglasses?

The perfect accessory to any style or look is eyeglasses. They are available in a range of colors, coatings, styles, and designs that can be appealing to all. You can easily find them in shops and online. The only problem is that you might not know whether what you bought is right for you. You could buy standard glasses or Asian-fitting eyeglasses.

Optical retailers sell specialized eyewear. But, not all outlets carry the most popular models. Both have become terms that are used to identify which style and design are most suitable for the user. It’s fine if both types of eyeglasses seem similar.

These glasses can be compared to each other, but you need to understand the difference.

Standard Fit Eyeglasses

The term “standard-fit” refers to an older style of eyeglasses that has not changed over the years. It retains its straight temple arms as well as the fixed nose pieces. These are also available in many stores.

If you have a more prominent and high-set nose bridge, a standard fitting is better suited. Some people find that their glasses push up against their noses. You might find that they are not getting the right glasses. Perhaps it is time to evaluate which model to purchase while you’re looking for eyeglasses.

Asian Style Eyeglasses

As with the standard Asian fits, they come in a wide range of colors and styles to complement any facial features. They’re perfect for people who have lower nose bridges. A characteristic that is often associated with people of Asian heritage. No more worries about the glasses falling off or other discomfort issues.

Here are the key differences between the Asian and standard fit glasses.

Nose Pads

Asian fit sunglasses are a bit deeper than standard eyeglasses. Its nose pads, which are located higher, can be easily positioned at the correct point on the noses for those with lower nose bridges. You can also adjust the fit of some Asian glasses to match your body.

S-shaped arms make up the S-shaped screws that are used to attach Asian-fit sunglasses to your nose. This design allows for greater adjustment options. These features and adjustability ensure that the glasses stay in place.


Asian fit glasses come with specially-designed temples. To match the contours of the user’s heads, these temples are more rounded. Rounder temples can offer a more comfortable fit.

It also has curved temple ends. This design allows users to feel comfortable without sacrificing their style.

Curve In Frames

Contrary to standard fitting glasses, the curvature across each frame of the glasses has been reduced. This design is recommended for those who experience discomfort from glasses touching their temples, cheeks, or foreheads.

Choosing A Pair Of Eyeglasses

After you’ve been able to distinguish between Asian and standard-fitting eyeglasses, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought that you will need to shop for new ones.

There are so many options available, that it is worth looking into the different types and coatings. Ask an eye doctor for assistance or take an examination. It is important to know which treatment is best for you.

Next, choose the shape that best fits you. These are the most common shapes of eyeglasses.

  • Oval: These are frames in walnut-shaped shapes that aren’t too small.
  • A Square is a shape with narrow frames and ovals which have less depth than width.
  • Round-shaped: They have more width and depth.
  • Oblong frames have ornamental or contrasting temples.

The Bottom Line

Eyeglasses have a purpose. They can improve vision, make you appear more intelligent, or make it easier to live a more fulfilling life. People have had the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles over the years.

Experts have made these improvements to ensure that all who love or need eyeglasses can have an enjoyable and positive experience. Any type can be worn comfortably, regardless of the height or width of a person’s nasal bridge. Because of their innovative ideas, users now have the choice of a standard fit or an Asian fit style of eyeglasses.

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