What are the Different Types of Houses?

Sometimes choosing the best house according to the number of your family member is difficult. There are different types of houses appropriate for different kinds of families. And they also come in various price ranges.

However, several turnkey houses options are available, so you can also check if you want a fully renovated apartment or house. Thus, knowing the different types of houses is important because you have to choose the perfect place from tons of options.

7 Different Types of Houses According to Family Size

Here are some different types of houses you can check before buying.

Single Family House:

The single-family house comprises a single building without having any shared connection to other structures. A single house can also be from an apartment or townhouse, but there must be separate utilities and housing units.

Condos or co-ops: 

Condos and co-ops are the short forms of a condominium or cooperative housing. This type of house means the residents will get a single house unit within a larger community. Depending on the community, you will share the maintenance, insurance, and other costs.

The main benefit of a condos and co-ops house is you will get a large community with lower maintenance costs as costs are shared within the community. And security is high in this kind of society. So, the house you get is at an affordable price. 

You’ll also get amenities like a swimming pool or gym. But this type of house also has some disadvantages like you will get less privacy and limited outdoor space.


This is another type of shared house but a bit different from Condos or co-ops. This multi-story residence has its entrance with one or two shared walls with neighboring homes.

You may be more interested in buying a townhouse as it has a smaller footprint. And you can enjoy a shared space with lots of amenities at a lower cost. But it depends on how many neighborhoods you get.

The disadvantages are limited parking facilities, very strict management rules, and less privacy.


A Bungalow can be a good option for single-family. It’s usually a one-and-a-half-story building generally consisting of two or three bedrooms with a front porch. Craftsman, Mission-style, Arts & Crafts, and Queen Anne are some of the popular bungalow styles.

Since the Bungalow has a small space, it is appropriate for single small families. The maintenance cost is also lower, and the utility bill is less than in other places. On top of that, you can enjoy your privacy too. This is the main benefit of considering Bungalow as your house.

However, authentic bungalows are sometimes 100 years old, incurring extra maintenance costs. The old house design often is not enough compared to new apartments. The bedroom size and bathroom are sometimes too old-fashioned to renovate. So choose wisely.

Modular Home: 

Modular homes are more like factory-built homes by some foundations or builders. This type of home is different from mobile homes or manufactured homes. The best part of this home is that it takes less time to build and is cheap. You can customize it with your design, making it extremely friendly in design.

But on the other hand, modular homes have a lower resale value than other houses. And it incurs surprise costs sometimes with land value, utility, electrical, plumbing and a lot.

Multi Family Home:

Multi-family homes are such types of a home designed for multiple families but living separately. So, you can live independently in a single home with the other extended families in the same area.

The building can be a duplex or multiplex up to four units. So, if you do not have extended families, you can live in one unit and rent other units for extra money. Or you can also use the portion as charity for your poor relatives.

If you have monetary issues, you can easily rent the other portion of your house, which can be an excellent source of income. But on the other hand, sometimes it is a problem to become a landlord. You will face a challenge while selling your property if you have tenants.

Ranch House:

Another popular type of single-family housing is the ranch. These houses are typically single-story with a lower-pitched roof and an open or semi-open floor layout.

Some of the designs are California ranch, Storybook ranch, and split-level ranches. As the roof is lower to the ground, this house is easy to maintain. But it has smaller yards than other houses, which is a drawback of ranches. Also, if you want to build a second story, it will incur a huge cost.

Final Thoughts

Different types of houses have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Before buying a house, it would be best to calculate the pros and cons depending on the family size and the amount of money you want to spend on your dream house.

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