What Are the Possible Ways to Make Proper Use of Your Reusable Bags?

Starting this trend of using environmental-friendly bags is not only making us feel better, but proud too. But getting these reusable bags everywhere has made us think about what to do with them. Though they say that these bags are recyclable, certain materials are used in making them that are still not completely recyclable. Hence, it becomes very important for us to make use of these bags as many times as possible to make it worth it.

Reusable bags are now available in every store. Many times, we forget to take one from home for our shopping and we end up buying a new one. In this way, we may collect many bags and then have to think what to do with them. So, here we are going to talk about all the possible ways to reuse them.

However, before we start with it, let me tell you that it has now become easy to buy these custom shopping bags at many online stores. This includes the company named Custom Earth Promos which has been in the manufacturing of eco-friendly products based in Delray Beach, Florida. They not only make custom bags but also masks, water bottles, etc. 

Most importantly, make sure that you keep your totes clean and tidy before using them. So here are some suggestions for reusing them:

  • Think of using it beyond grocery shopping. There are malls or clothes shopping stores where you can carry them with you. You don’t need to always take your stuff home with those big brown bags. There are also shops like Walmart and Target that give a discount for the same.
  • You can use them at home while sorting your off-season clothes instead of using some boxes or baskets to store them
  • Give it away to people in need. There are many food pantries or thrift stores that might accept them for their patrons. You can give it to the libraries or preschools too, who use them often.
  • There are places that can recycle them like the Chico Bag. They send these extra reusable bags to other homes that need them as low-income family groups cannot afford to buy them.
  • Reusable bags can work much better for plants that grow upside down like tomatoes. 
  • Make it a part of your beach totes. You can fill it with your sunscreen, flip-flops, and even sand and grab it with you whenever you go to the beach.
  • You can make it a diaper bag instead of spending $20 to $30 for one.
  • You can make them your knitting bags and carry them with you while going to the class.
  • You can make it a picnic bag by adding some sandwich stuff, fresh fruits, and vegetables and taking it along with you.
  • You can use them at Christmas time for storing gifts.

Most importantly, do not make it a habit to forget it while shopping. Instead of buying a new one, always try to use one you have at home. 

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