What Are The Stages of a Divorce Process


Similar to stages of sadness as stated by experts, same goes for divorce. The stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. When someone undergoes a divorce, the spouses involved have different experiences. They face these stages at other points in time. Knowing how divorced people process the loss and heal may not make the situation less complicated. Still, it helps to manage the situation in a better way as it broadens the perspective of an individual. Contact a Kenosha divorce lawyer to get legal help for your divorce case.

Reaction to loss and processing grief is a unique and person-specific process. However, these are the following stages of divorce commonly observed in people:


Denial is generally the first phase of divorce in which the person who is getting divorced tries to avoid the pain and loss associated with it by denying the reality. They struggle to grasp the reality and seriousness of the situation and try to display it as a midlife crisis experienced by another partner. This is a way to avoid accepting the loss of a marriage and partner by delaying the acceptance part. It is a commonly used coping mechanism for survival after an unpleasant situation.


Feelings of anger start to resurface after the phase of denial begins to pass. The spouse who was left or divorced feels several emotions while processing the split, anger being one of the most prominent ones. The person feels angry towards their ex-spouse, essentially filing for divorce. 

Additionally, it is the worst stage of divorce as it may make matters worse for everyone, and the suffering person may come off as a horrible person for expressing their emotions. However, anger is a normal emotion, just like sadness and happiness. People should be encouraged to feel it in a healthy way to process their loss instead of avoiding it or suppressing it.


Through this process, an attempt is made to save the relationship by discussing the wrongdoings and reasons for the fallout. Ex-couples may offer to make changes in themselves, make promises, or do other things to prevent the divorce from happening. There is very little chance of saving the relationship at this point.


After the stages of denial, anger, and bargaining begin to pass, the wave of depression begins to hit the person due to the split. It is debilitating and hard to overcome on your own. It is suggested to seek professional help before things get out of hand.


It is the last stage and the most relieving part of experiencing a divorce or any grief. In this phase, people start taking control of their lives and moving on for the better.

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