What are the top 10 javascript framework in 2022


Today, the terms libraries and frameworks are often used by developers interchangeably. But there lies a technical differentiation between both the terms. Both the libraries and frameworks consist of codes that help in solving a particular problem. When both are comprised of written codes, still they are used for different purposes. The technical difference between both the terms is in the inversion of control. 

It is entirely up to the developer when and where the developer needs to call a library for any application development, which means the developer is in charge of the flow of the application. However, when it comes to using a framework for any application development, the framework helps in when and where to use the library, which means the framework is in charge of the flow of the application. In a nutshell, a framework speeds up the development process of an application while on the other hand, a library enhances the functionality of the application and offers a great experience to users. 

Effortless development takes quality frameworks

Most developers fail to realize the importance of frameworks for creating a simple website or web application. Right off the bat, a developer needs to consider which framework does the product demands for easy and hassle-free development of the website or application. As writing the same code and logic over and over again could be such great trouble while developing a website or application, it is better to rely on already prepared coding bits. These coding bits in a framework give a great level of convenience to the developers and programmers to develop the web application or software efficiently. 

As JavaScript is the most popular programming language widely used for development, JavaScript frameworks are also offering tons of support to developers for different development projects. However, when it comes to picking the best JavaScript framework, the choices are based on considering the features of the project combined with the features of the framework in which a particular framework is good.

Saving time with JavaScript frameworks

Scores of JavaScript frameworks are available that make working with JavaScript easier and smooth and ensure the efficient and effortless development of web applications or software. Top JavaScript frameworks that are required to build a website or application and are extensively used include:


Angular is by far the most versatile JavaScript framework that is perfectly integrated for large-scale applications. The higher flexibility and higher performance are among the main reasons that have made this framework gain tremendous popularity. This JavaScript framework is widely used for both front-end and back-end to create Progressive Web Applications and innovative Single Page Applications. The only disadvantage that the developers have to deal with is the complex working nature that makes it difficult for the developers to begin working with this. Moreover, this framework is developed by Google and is an open-source framework. 


React framework is among the most popular choices when it comes to developing web applications. The outstanding performance and great user experience is the most popular feature of this framework that has offered great support to the developers. This open-source framework is scalable, fast, and quite very easy to work with. It makes use of a virtual DOM that develops a dynamic user interface that enables higher traffic and stable performance. React is developed by Facebook and is used for creating many giant projects such as Dropbox, Netflix, Outlook, Trello, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more. 


Vue.js is another most popular JavaScript framework that was developed in 2016. It is extensively used for creating high-end Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Applications efficiently and rapidly. Also, it is used for building web applications and mobile applications. This platform uses both virtual DOM as in react and two-way data binding as in angular. Regardless of the small size of this framework, it allows building and developing high-performance applications. However, the best advantage of this framework is that it is very easy to understand and learn. Grammarly, Adobe, Trivago, Upwork, Xiaomi, are built using this javascript framework. 


Express.js is a fast javascript framework that is widely using for backend development. This framework is used in combination with Node.js and is using for creating efficient web applications and APIs. It is an open-source framework and is free to use. The key feature that is possessing by this framework is efficient server-side development. Moreover, it is also used for debugging, templating, and routing. This framework is used by different giant companies such as Twitter, Stack, Accenture, Trustpilot, and Intuit. 


Last but not least, Node.js is another platform among the top javascript frameworks that is a popular choice for most developers and programmers. It is an open-source framework and functions efficiently on cross platforms. The main advantage that has made it popular among the others is its higher scalability that allows it to respond in a non-blocking manner. Different companies are relying on Node.js which includes PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, Trello, eBay, Netflix, and many more. 

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