What Are The Types of Digital Illustration?

Types of Digital Illustration

The world of digital illustration is growing fast. Top illustration companies like Advocate Art are helping businesses partner with leading digital illustrators.

There are different styles of digital illustrations that you should know if you look forward to venturing into art. Freehand digital illustrations allow light lines, smooth lines, shadows, and complex backgrounds. 

A digital illustration is a hand-drawn piece of art using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. If you are going for vector illustrations, Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard to use. Let’s look at some of the top digital illustration styles in the market today.

1. Caricature 

A caricature is one of the most popular types of digital illustrations. A caricature artist or an illustrator creates this type of art. A caricature is a person using exaggeration of characteristics and oversimplification of others.

Most of the caricatures we see today are controversial, complimentary, and insulting. They mostly serve a political purpose. Most of the caricatures of politicians are used mostly in newspapers for editorial purposes. Those for movie stars are mainly found in entertainment magazines.

2. Cartoon 

A cartoon is another type of digital illustration. In many cases, a person who creates a cartoon is more likely to be confused with a caricature. Cartoons are popular in picture books and children’s storybooks. There are different styles and types of non-realistic cartoons. 

3. Anime 

Anime or animation is a style of artwork that originates from Japan. Anime artists use diverse art styles, colorful images, and visual effects to produce animations. Artists will normally produce a collection of anime and have them printed on a manga book. An anime will be based on manga and a video game.

4. Comics

A comic book is a simple compilation of comic arts. The panel is designed with dialogue and a simple narrative that is contained in a speech balloon. This type of digital art can be funny, weird, and dark. 

Most of the comic art is captioned so that the reader can know exactly what the character is saying or thinking. 

5. Concept art

Concept art is created by concept artists and used for video games, movies, and advertising products and services. These types of digital art build a world used for inspiring growth and development of promotional material and broadcast media. 

A concept artist will normally create a graphic design, preliminary artwork, and marketing material for brands. This is one of the most expensive digital arts or illustrations you see around.

6. Commercial art 

Commercial art is any piece of art used to advertise a product, idea, or service. Commercial art’s main objective or goal is to create awareness and drive sales. In most cases, artists will develop commercial art for billboards, logos, packaging, and magazines. Artists will create commercial art images for mass production to help raise visibility and sell products.

Commercial arts are the best in marketing a brand. This is because artists can bring a person back to life or create characters or people who have never existed. This piece of digital art can simply explain to readers the most confusing subjects.  

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