What drugs require medical prescriptions, and how do they work?


Medicines help fight many diseases. From the doctor, the patient receives an appointment, from which he learns what remedy and in what dosage he needs to recover. But not all drugs can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Some are released only upon the presentation of a prescription.

In recent times, pharmacists refuse to dispense medicines without a prescription. Although earlier, you could buy these same drugs without a doctor’s prescription without any problems! The Internet is filled with anger, and this is why we will help you understand the concept of prescription drugs in Canadian drugstores

What are prescription drugs?

The state restricts the sale of medicines that cannot be used uncontrollably. These are:

  • anabolic steroids;
  • combined drugs listed in the Order of the World Health Organization (for example, Ascoril);
  • Medicines containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, the circulation of which in Canada is limited.

Antibiotics, despite numerous initiatives, are still freely dispensed. The Ministry of Health has not yet found grounds for restricting their sale.

You cannot buy such products in a Canadian pharmacy without an adequately issued medical prescription. However, the prescription form must also be presented for subsidized medicines, and funds provided for several types of conditions.

Why are prescriptions needed?

Based on the main types of drugs that are dispensed only upon presentation of prescription forms, it is possible to formulate the main tasks of the use of the latter:

  • control over the sale of psychotropic and narcotic substances restricted in circulation;
  • control of the use of combined preparations containing small doses of psychotropic and narcotic substances (for example, light painkillers );
  • taking into account the use of benefits by pensioners, disabled people of the first group, and disabled children;
  • Subject-quantitative accounting of individual medicines.

Such a measure can be seen as a way to prevent drug addiction and crime in pharmaceuticals. In addition, it helps to track the availability of medicines to people in need.

Prescriptions are written not just like that but with specific goals. Documentation of the appointment is to protect you as a patient. If you encounter unpleasant side effects or complications, you can always prove that a doctor prescribed the drug and, if necessary, call him to account.

Prescriptions for specific drugs are a way to stop self-medication, according to Canada Drugs Direct. Unfortunately, today many citizens prefer to diagnose themselves independently, focusing on articles on the Internet or the opinion of bloggers without a medical education.

Uncontrolled treatment of someone’s incompetent advice can be harmful. Therefore, drugs should be prescribed and taken with caution, and a prescription should be specified.

How long is a drug prescription valid for?

The validity of a prescription depends on the basis for its issuance and the form used. As a general rule, it is 90 days. However, often patients suffer from chronic diseases that require more extended treatment. For them, the period is extended to 180 days.

For chronic, prolongation is possible, but not more than a year. In this case, the doctor additionally affixes the mark “For a special purpose.” This is always certified by the signature of the doctor, his seal, and the seal of the medical institution.

How to get a prescription for medicine?

Only a medical organization has the right to issue documented prescriptions for medicines that the state prohibits from dispensing uncontrollably. This may be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who has received a license for this activity. Individual entrepreneurs do not have the right to prescribe psychotropic and narcotic substances to patients, even if licensed.

The prescription is signed by the employee involved in the treatment of the patient, which can be one of these:

  • Doctor;
  • Paramedic;
  • Midwife.


However, there are drugs you can buy without a prescription; these are called over-the-counter drugs. When purchasing any drug, regardless of the medication type or non-prescription drugs, it is essential to buy in a reputable pharmacy. You can visit our website at Canada Drugs Direct for all kinds of drug purchases.

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